An Epic End to a Series + Giveaway! | Guest Post by Amanda @fifthmusketeer

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Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, and I’m thrilled to do this guest post for Arctic Books! I blog here: To Live A Thousand Lives, and funnily enough, Ali and I found each other’s blogs through my own giveaway a few months ago.

The Raven King is the fourth and final book in The Raven Cycle, and if you haven’t read this series, you should invest in it! The writing is gorgeous, the characters are amazing, and once you start you’ll want to binge-read to the end. If you follow the author or have checked out the Goodreads summaries, you’ll know this is a hard series to pin down to one genre or one plot, but the basic premise is this: Blue (the un-psychic daughter of a psychic) finds herself drawn into a quest to find a dead Welsh king named Glendower and thus gain one favor.

Who is heading up this quest? Four prep-school boys full of money and secrets: Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah. Incidentally, Blue knows that Gansey is predicted to be her true love AND dead in a year—possibly because if Blue kisses her true love, he’ll die. Don’t worry, that’s all explained in the first five pages.

What have they found so far? A lot of weird supernatural happenings, and a ley line (magical line of power) going directly through the small town of Henrietta, Virginia, that might house the final resting place of Glendower’s body.

What lies in store? Creepy magic, creepy predictions, lots of other interesting people looking for the dead king and the ley line, jokes, friendships, fast cars, lots of ravens.

If you have read the series but need a refresher before diving into The Raven King, Stiefvater wrote the plot summaries for Recaptains: (The Raven Boys) (The Dream Thieves) (Blue Lily, Lily Blue) but SPOILERS ABOUND!!

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The Raven King was my most-anticipated book this year, and I’m excited to give my extra SIGNED copy a good home! As a bonus, I’m including the book-hugger Maggie Stiefvater designed for the tour! Wrap it around these four beauties and give them a premium place on your shelf.

ENTER TO WIN HERE! (U.S. only – I’m sorry, international friends; I am poor!)

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After the giveaway ends, the winner will be selected randomly and notified on Twitter. You’ll have 24 hours to DM @fifthmusketeer with your mailing address to claim your prize! Make sure to enter this giveaway and tell all your friends! Good luck!

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