Would You Ever Sell Your Blog? | Guest Post by Lauren @ShootingStarMag


I’ve been blogging on the same website since 2007, but in that time, I have seen one or two blogs that I read and loved offer up their blog for sale. Now, for book bloggers, this probably sounds really weird because I don’t think we’ve had anyone sell their blog before. For other blogs, it makes sense. If there is a blog that does a lot of product reviews and giveaways, it might not be about the person behind the blog – but rather, what they can offer viewers. If that’s the case, then a blog with a fairly good following might be able to sell their blog to someone else if they decide they no longer want to or have the time to run their blog.

This got me thinking about book bloggers and other type of “niche” blogs. Have you ever thought about selling your blog, even jokingly? Maybe you were burnt out and not sure you wanted to keep it running but you hated the idea of your blog just floating around on the internet with no new content or views. Would you let someone else run your blog for you? I know the idea of selling your blog is likely to make a lot of people upset, and I get what you mean. I’m not sure I could ever sell my blog off. It’s my hours of work, and no matter what I’m posting or reviewing, it’s still very personal to me.

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