Would You Ever Sell Your Blog? | Guest Post by Lauren @ShootingStarMag


I’ve been blogging on the same website since 2007, but in that time, I have seen one or two blogs that I read and loved offer up their blog for sale. Now, for book bloggers, this probably sounds really weird because I don’t think we’ve had anyone sell their blog before. For other blogs, it makes sense. If there is a blog that does a lot of product reviews and giveaways, it might not be about the person behind the blog – but rather, what they can offer viewers. If that’s the case, then a blog with a fairly good following might be able to sell their blog to someone else if they decide they no longer want to or have the time to run their blog.

This got me thinking about book bloggers and other type of “niche” blogs. Have you ever thought about selling your blog, even jokingly? Maybe you were burnt out and not sure you wanted to keep it running but you hated the idea of your blog just floating around on the internet with no new content or views. Would you let someone else run your blog for you? I know the idea of selling your blog is likely to make a lot of people upset, and I get what you mean. I’m not sure I could ever sell my blog off. It’s my hours of work, and no matter what I’m posting or reviewing, it’s still very personal to me.

For other blogs? That’s not always the case. I’ve seen many blogs – especially ones that host a lot of giveaways – that aren’t all that personal. It’s more a promotional means for products and services, and that’s fine. These blogs tend to get a lot of views because people are happy to enter the giveaways in hopes of winning. If a blog was doing this and doing so well, I don’t see why they would want to get rid of their blog by letting someone else run it – this means no free products for them, no paid ads, etc. At the same time, if something important happens in their everyday life, maybe giving up the reigns of their blog is okay if they know it’s still going to be available to their readers. You could just offer your blog and check out applications and go about it that way, but what about selling? If you had a blog that you knew you could offer up for sale, would you do it? Do you find it wrong to do this? Or do you think you should get money for setting up the blog and bringing in the current viewership?

I know this is a tricky question, and I can see it from both sides. I don’t see myself ever wanting to give away my blog, selling or otherwise. If I do come to a time where I don’t or can’t blog anymore, then I’ll just stop. However, if I had a much more viewed blog that offered a lot of giveaways and reviews and people loved it? That’s different. It might be worth selling. You get one final payment for all your work on the blog and you can still sell to someone you trust will handle the blog well; maybe someone who blogged elsewhere. I don’t see anything wrong with selling a blog. I don’t know about legality and things of that nature, but I suppose if you owned your own domain name, it might be easier to do that. You’re giving the name as well as all the information and contacts you have. It’s almost like appointing a new director, except they have to offer your final pay before taking over the company.

This isn’t something I’ve seen in quite a few years, though I’m sure it still happens or people still consider it. I thought it would be an interesting topic for people to think about though, especially those of us who focus more on books or entertainment. Let me know what you think!

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Lauren Becker created Shooting Stars Mag in 2007. The blog was initially a place to share music, but it didn’t take long before Lauren and her co-bloggers decided to add books, as they had met each other in an online book club. These days, Shooting Stars Mag focuses largely on books, but it’s an entertainment/lifestyle blog overall. Along with the blog, Lauren offers freelance publicity for authors and small businesses. She’s also starting to offer blog tour/promotion help for LGBT+ books.

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13 thoughts on “Would You Ever Sell Your Blog? | Guest Post by Lauren @ShootingStarMag

  1. This is so interesting. It never occurred to me that this was a thing that people do! I agree with you that it doesn’t make much sense in the book blogging world because most of our blogs are so personal. and a lot of readers are really following the blogger rather than “the blog.” But I guess it would work with a blog that, as you say, is fairly impersonal.


  2. Joining you from Lauren’s site.

    Hmm, thought provoking.

    For me personally it is the person behind the blog who makes the blog and therefore to sell that blog on somehow wouldn’t seem right to me.


  3. This is something I have never thought about, but right off the bat I can give you an answer: no! I’ve worked too hard to create an online space that is focused on a few of my favorite things, and I would never want to risk someone buying it, and doing something unsavory with it. Totally out of the question for me!



  4. Gosh I hadn’t thought about this before, but selling would be hard. I don’t think anyone would want my blog, so stopping is probably exactly what I would do!


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