25 Bookish Facts About Me

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I wanted to let you know a little more about myself and my bookish habits today, so without further ado, here are 25 bookish facts about me!

One: I haven’t read a lot of popular books yet. I’m super regretful but I’m planning on doing so soon!

Two: I read more eBooks than I do physical books. I find myself reading faster on a digital device anyway.

Three: Lately, I’ve been reading more ARCs than new releases/backlist books.

Four: I usually read before bed. It’s mostly the only time I have free to read, which is probably why nighttime is my favorite time of the day.

Five: My favorite books are WE ARE THE ANTS, SHATTER ME, and I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN.

Six: I don’t like listening to music while I read. I find it to be distracting or hard to concentrate.

Seven: Before I started blogging, I used to always read stories on Wattpad. They were all fun to read (especially the WattyAwards ones; they’re actually really good check em out if you want)!

Eight: I like taking photos of hardcover books more than I do paperbacks because there’s so many ways you can tweak the photos with hardcovers!

Nine: My favorite genres are probably fantasy and contemporary. I find myself reading a lot from those genres than most others.

Ten: Yes, it does bother me when books don’t match their series. Or if there’s a paperback in between a series of hardcovers.

Eleven: And yes, I also do judge a book by its cover (oops what can you do).

Twelve: It either takes me three days or three months to finish a book. I’m not very proud of this fact.

Thirteen: I try to write reviews right after I finish reading the book so I don’t forget things I want to say about it.

Fourteen: I haven’t brought a physical book to school ever (well maybe like once). I never have time to read during school but hopefully towards the end of the year I can start to do so.

Fifteen: When I read physical books, I try to be as careful with the book/pages as I can. I just like looking at a nice, pretty book (fight me).

Sixteen: When I read hardcover books, I take off the dust jacket. I don’t know why but I feel like I can keep the jacket in better shape if I do that.

Seventeen: I like reading books in series right after another; I hate waiting for books to come out.

Eighteen: I used to dog-ear (i’m ashamed), but now I use those handy lil things called bookmarks (aren’t you proud of me?).

Nineteen: I think I like reading ebooks more because I can highlight quotes and write notes in the book without actually doing so.

Twenty: I’m trying to get a lot of my friends to read my favorite books, and luckily for me, my one friend is really interested in WE ARE THE ANTS, so I’m really proud.

Twenty-one: I adore getting book mail, and that’s the reason why I basically watch the mailman/UPS man everyday. (it’s getting to be a little problem)

Twenty-two: I don’t know if I want to write a book. I’ve tried before, but I just never felt a connection. I’m most likely going to go into medicine so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Twenty-three: I’m a stacker; I stack books everywhere in my room (oops).

Twenty-four: I adore reading books about forbidden romances. It’s one of my weaknesses; what can I say?

Twenty-five: Sometimes I try not to read the synopsis for a book so I don’t expect anything and it actually is more exciting and fun to read!

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Do you have any of the same preferences/habits as me? Tell me about some of your bookish facts!


48 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I absolutely loooove forbidden romance as well! I also prefer to take off the dust jacket while reading a hardcover! I judge a book by its cover as well… I mean who doesn’t…? And I totally need to read We Are the Ants! Great post!


  2. I tend to read faster on Kindle, but I prefer physical copies. I also take the dust jackets off hardcover books. I don’t understand how people read with them on. They just slide around everywhere! I have actually been doing the opposite of you this year! Last year I read tons of new releases and this year I’m focusing more on my backlist and rereads. I’ve been really enjoying it so far. 🙂 Oh and who doesn’t stalk the mailman for book mail? Lol


  3. I love reading about forbidding romances! And I also really like reading on Wattpad, some of the stories on that app are pretty amazing!☺


  4. Loved reading your bookish facts! I can relate to most of them! I also read more ebooks than physical books. I love reading books from Wattpad and I still do. Shatter Me is my favorite trilogy and I really miss the characters. I’m a hardcore fantasy reader and sometimes I’d checkout contemporaries too. Forbidden romance and enemies to lovers are my top favorite tropes. I really hate waiting for a sequel when the book ended with a huge cliffhanger.


  5. I like reading books in a series one after another too! That’s kind of why I haven’t really picked up any of the popular books yet – they’re mostly all part of a series and it annoys me that I have to wait for the other books to come out. I am soooo careful when it comes to reading – if ANYTHING happens to my book while I’m reading I would be devastated! 🙂


  6. Yesssss, I have to take the dust covers off of my hardbacks when I’m reading them. I also take them off and keep them if I let someone else borrow them, even if it’s just like my brother or dad and they’re in the same house haha!


  7. I also can’t read/listen to music and I always take the jacket off hardcovers so they don’t get wrecked. I don’t read many series, but if I do, I save the up and read them altogether. I hate forgetting what happened previously, so this is a new rule for me. And hey, who doesn’t love getting bookish mail? I’ve received lots this week and it’s just the best.


  8. I love reading your answers! Don’t worry I judge books by their cover! I love hardcover books but I don’t really have much! 🙂 I’ve been reading a lot of ARCs lately but I don’t mind because they have been some great ARCs! I also never read the synopsis! I love going into a book without knowing anything!


  9. I write my reviews as soon as I’m finished with a book too, otehrwise I get book amnesia lol! I’m the same with reading physical books and preserving them in all of their glory! I used to dog-ear as well but now I use bookmarks and sticky notes. Bookish mail is the best! Thanks for sharing Ali!


  10. I can’t read and listen to music at the same time either, I feel like I’m not 100% concentrated. I will never understand how people do this without getting distracted haha


  11. I could not agree with you more about music being distracting or making it hard to concentrate! I’ll never understand how people can listen to music while they read haha I take dust jackets off hardcovers while I read too, but mostly because they annoy the crap out of me. I don’t know if it’s just me, but they’re constantly sliding around while I’m reading so I usually just take them off.


  12. Yess, omg I relate to SO MANY of these!! I read faster on ebooks too! Although I love physical books because taking photos of them = my favourite hobby. XD And I’m totally all for keeping books super nice and neat. I always ditch the dust jacket when I’m reading a hardcover, and I try not to bend spines when I’m reading a paperback (although that usually happens anyway, especially if the binding is really stiff?) But NICE BOOKS FTW I SAY.
    And I also barely ever read synopsises. *hi fives* I prefer going in completely blind. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


  13. I prefer paperback than ereaders. It’s something about feeling the books in my finger tips and changing the pages. I don’t know!

    I couldn’t not read the blurb. I’d have to know what it’s about. It would be cool to just take a chance though.

    (And my Dad would have disowned me if I’d ever dog eared a book. *Shudder* I have these great little bookmakes that you clip onto the page. I always use them. Highly recommended! They even have themes like, horror, wildlife, TV, movie, books ect.)


  14. I tend to read more eBooks than physical ones too. I recently brought a few books and they are sitting on my bookshelf. I want to read the books on my Kindle first.


  15. I love this post, Ali! I was actually tagged to draft a post like this but haven’t yet because of time constraints (thank you, life!) Also, I agree with some of the things you’ve said! I like reading at night too, and I usually end up not sleeping at all whenever I read great books. Also, was there ever a time you regret your decision not to read synopses? What if you end up not liking the book? I’m curious! 🙂

    And thanks for linking me to your blog! I just followed you! ❤


  16. I loved reading these awesome bookish facts about you and I have to admit I share many of these with you! One I absolutely hate to admit though is the dog ears! I used to do this all the time (cringe) with school and library books back before I began purchasing my own and then bookmarks became an instant collectable.


  17. I also find my only time to read is before bed and I now need that time to relax. I also can’t read with music or the TV on–I find the noises too distracting and I love to dive full into the world the author has created for me.


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