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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find it more information here.

This week’s topic is a lot more personal; it’s about ten facts about me, or ten bookish facts about me. If you’ve been following me a while, you’d maybe remember a post I wrote a while back about 25 bookish facts about me, so today, I’m here to tell you a bit about myself, bookish and personal (you get the best of both worlds!). Let’s go!


When I was ten, I sprained my ankle walking down my driveway and I had to wear this ankle brace for about two weeks. When I went to school, I put my sock over the ankle brace (because it was super ugly) so my teacher thought that my ankle was healed and she made me use the stairs. (I’m still a bit bitter.)


My favorite holiday is Halloween because candy!!!!! scary things (although I’m not a HUGE fan of scary movies)!!!!! fall!!!!!


My favorite color is predominantly purple although now I’m starting to be more open to other colors and how they complement each other.


I watch Jeopardy! nearly everyday. I started really watching it in freshman year and I love it!


During the school year, I get around six hours of sleep. It’s why I take naps so often!


I used to have five goldfish but my whole family (including me) is helplessly clueless when it comes to taking care of animals, so alas, all the fish died in the course of a week.


Once I spent four hours watching Buzzfeed videos. I’m not a little ashamed.


It usually takes me three days (more or less) to read one book (around 300-400 pages). I think that’s pretty impressive myself, considering how much work I have.


I have a total of two stuffed animals on my bed—one is of a sheep, and the other is of a little monster.


I have one younger sister.

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I hope you enjoyed those facts about me! Do we have anything in common? Let me know in the comments and/or link me to your own TTT!


32 thoughts on “Ten Facts About Yours Truly | TTT

  1. Halloween is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE holiday too!!!! I go all out with decorations! I mean there’s candy, perfect weather, costumes, and oohhh I just love it!


  2. The amount of afternoons I’ve spent browsing buzzfeed and taking all of their ridiculous quizzes is insane. It’s so easy to get hooked. I love Halloween as well but when it comes to my favourite holiday it is always going to be Christmas. 😀


  3. Halloween (and fall!) are the best. When I got to college, I turned into one of those people who has a pumpkin spice latte once a day during the entire month of October, but everything else about the season is my fave as well 🙂

    My TTT!


  4. Yay stuffed animals! :p I try not to keep too many on my bed, but I also have a sheep and I just got an umbreon from Japan. He’s so cute! :p

    Haha! My favorite thing about Halloween is actually getting to dress up and party. :p I miss not being able to do quite as much of that as an adult. Apparently it’s not… acceptable or whatever. Lame adults. *sigh*

    My TTT


  5. Fall is my favorite season 🙂 I love how it’s not too hot and not too cold (at least where I live xD) I also LOVE the color of the leaves, it’s so beautiful 😀 I watch tons of Buzzfeed videos too T.T so, SO many! My favorites so far are The Try Guys.


  6. Nice getting to know you a little bit… Since you are starting to be open about new colors, I would suggest checking out the may options of green available! 🙂


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