Arctic Books Turns 3! & Blogoversary Giveaway

Three years ago, I opened up WordPress and started up a blog. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my blog to be about – I started with a clothes / personal blog but that didn’t last very long at all so I eventually changed my whole blog mindset to revolve around books. Up until last year, I wanted to open up my blog a little bit.

I ended up welcoming some amazing co-bloggers to Arctic Books – Jesse @jessenicholas3 (who has since left, but I appreciate all he’s done), JM @bookfreakrevelations, and Liv @curlyhairbibliophile. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my little piece of the Internet to the world but I’m so so so happy that I opened up my blog for co-bloggers!

I also decided to open Arctic Books to not only focus on books but also lifestyle and other ideas – clothes, television, personal things. I feel so much more freedom with this as my co-bloggers and I can basically talk about anything we want.

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What’s New & Things That Have Changed: College, Blogging, etc!

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Hi everyone! It’s been a fucking hot minute since I’ve sat down and pulled up WordPress to write a post. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I had a bunch of posts scheduled throughout the months I was at school, but they weren’t enough to keep Arctic Books running, in my opinion. But I’m back now, and I’ll be blogging throughout the summer, and hopefully throughout the fall as well.

So, what’s new?

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Five YouTube Creators Who I Love

During the summer, I read Tash Hearts Tolstoy and Queens of Geek. One thing that both books have in common (besides WONDERFUL representation) is that they both have books that talk about internet culture/YouTube! It made me really think about all the Youtubers I enjoy and watch frequently. So, today I’m going to be talking about them!


If you’ve followed me on my main blog or Twitter for a while, you probably already know I love Dan and Phil. In fact, I even met them! I don’t watch them as much, but I still love them both dearly.


If you are a fan of paranormal or true crime, I really hope you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved. It is probably one of my top favorite YouTube series right now. Ryan and Shane (the two guys who host the show) have a perfect blend of humor and serious discussions. I highly highly recommend it.


Going along with true crime/mystery, this YouTube channel is another one! I recently discovered her channel, and I can’t stop watching her videos! She covers each of the cases with respect to the families and victims. If you enjoy Buzzfeed Unsolved or other true crime related videos, you will love hers!


If you’re a drama nerd like me, you will LOVE Carrie! She’s a UK based YouTuber who is also an actress. She’s been in the West End’s production of Les Mis, and she is in the U.K. Tour of Addams Family right now. She’s such a sweet person, and I look up to her a lot.


If you’re a fan of Dodie Clark (or people with similar aesthetics), may I introduce you to Conan Gray. His videos are so visually beautiful, and he’s such a kind soul. He also creates music that I listen to every single night before I go to bed. His vlogs are very calming, and I really hope you check him out!


screen-shot-2017-07-09-at-11-17-13-pm-e1499660320686.pngLiv is a 16 year old book blogger who resides in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, petting cats, and listening to musicals.


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Do you watch any YouTubers? Are there any on this list that you watch often already? Let me know down in the comments! I can’t wait to read your responses.

Angst and Apologies | Life Update

So. It’s been a while. Technically, it hasn’t been that long; at least for me, it just seems like it has because of how damn busy I am. Legit, guys, I’m overwhelmed with school. So this post will be basically telling y’all about what I’m working through / ranting / giving updates about what to look forward on the blog soon.

I won’t consider this an official hiatus, and by no means am I leaving the book community as of today. I just felt obligated to say something to the people who have been visiting my blog even though I haven’t been posting regularly (thank you so much for checking out my posts anyway omg), and I totally apologize for that.

I’ve just been basically in a HUGE blogging and reading slump, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so damn busy or it’s just the weather or something. Maybe both. Who knows. Either way, I’m exhausted.  If you’re interested, here’s a list of things on my mind:

  • chemistry IA that’s due next Wednesday
  • Spanish WA
  • chem quiz on Thursday
  • bio quiz on Thursday (on the transport system, which I REALLY need to study for)
  • history test on Friday
  • chemistry IA
  • literature timed writing on Friday
  • math quiz on Friday
  • chemistry IA
  • spanish speaking presentation next week
  • TOK essay draft
  • the guy I’m talking to who I’ve been kind of neglecting these days b/c of school
  • college acceptances
  • financial aid
  • chemistry IA

Mind you, all those assessments on Thursday and Friday are THIS WEEK. So that’s 5 assessments in two days. Which is just dandy.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m just inundated with angst and anxiety, and things are pretty overwhelming right now. I’m sure it’s all going to settle down soon, but right now, I just felt like I had to open up to the entire Internet. So there’s that.

I basically wasted 20 minutes writing up this post, but now I feel like I resolved something.

I definitely still will be posting sporadically for blog tours and (some) reviews, but for the most part, I’ll be super busy. Forgive me in advance if I don’t respond to all your comments—just know I read all of them and I’m so happy that you still comment and go through my blog even though I’m not putting as much effort into this blog as I would like.

Again, apologies for this angst-ridden post and my neglect of my blog recently. I’m hoping to be back on my feet by the summer or something. Or whenever this school year ends. By then, I’m hoping to have more life updates for y’all.

Thank you so much again for all your patience with me; I appreciate you sticking with me even though I’ve been a pretty crappy blogger. ❤

Life Update + Book Haul

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Hiiiii everyone!! Welcome to another book haul + life update!

Overall, real life has been prettttty crazy and I’ve barely had any time to read or blog, unfortunately. And with the time I actually do have to waste, I use it to catch up on sleep. Fortunately, I’m still on Twitter because apparently that doesn’t use a lot of time (it does. i’m just bad at controlling myself.), so I’m not completely off the internet. However, hopefully by the end of the year, when I’ve decided on which college I’m going to, things will settle down, and I’ll be up and blogging again.

Even though I haven’t been blogging a lot recently, I have acquired tons of new reads! This post was a draft for a few months, so I could add onto my book haul once I got them in the mail, but it’s getting super long, so alas, it’s finally published.

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6, er, 7 Month Blogoversary + Giveaways!

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Hi everyone! So this post is LONG overdue. As you may see from the title, this is my blogoversary of a more than half a year!

I started my blog at the end of summer 2015. Since then, I’ve posted regularly and interacted with people on Goodreads, Twitter, you name it. Honestly, I can’t say how happy I am to interact with you and be part of such a welcoming and lovely bookish community.

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