Literary Tropes That I (Secretly) Enjoy

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You know those tropes that other people don’t necessary like, but you do? Those tropes that make you the black sheep in the book community? Yeah, you do. Today, I’ll be talking about a few literary tropes that most people don’t usually like that I’m weirdly fond of. Let’s get started!

Love Triangles

I’m the black sheep when it comes to this literary trope and I know it. I don’t know, I just find the possibility of having two possible love interests to be really interesting. It might just be my indecisiveness that contributes to my fondness of love triangles, but I guess we’ll never know.

Character(s) Have to Learn to Survive in a Strange Environment

I’m not sure about this one either, but I adore survival stories. For example, I devoured THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer (even though I wasn’t the hugest fan of the TWILIGHT series) because I thought it was so interesting! I mean, come on. Aliens! Survival! Romance! I have a sudden urge to reread this book.

Angsty Romances

Romantic tension is one of my favorite things to read about in YA. I definitely love a good action-packed book, but I also adore a well-done romance-packed novel. I find angst is a great way to pick up the pace in a book and I just love seeing characters evolve and develop when confronted by a different sort of problem.

Character Disguises as Someone Else

You know those books where the main character disguises themself as another person to commit murder/trickery/the like? That plot device is really super duper exciting in my opinion. I love reading about the main character and learning more about how they manage to pull off stunts like that.

What sort of literary tropes do you particularly like? Do we have anything in common? Comment below with your thoughts!



26 thoughts on “Literary Tropes That I (Secretly) Enjoy

  1. Ohhh totally agree on the character disguises one! Specifically, I like when the girl disguises herself as a boy and joins like an army, or an all-boys school or something. I have no idea why. For me, the character disguising appeal is in the anticipation of them getting caught and then a big reveal. Though I will say that I still despise love triangles so I can’t be with you on that one hahaha I really wish I could love them

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  2. FINALLY, someone who doesn’t hate love triangles! I don’t understand why people hate this so much. I’ve heard that some readers won’t even read a book if it features the slightest chance of having a love triangle, which is ridiculous. Obviously it has to be executed well, and if it is, I find it to be romantic, hilarious, and interesting.


  3. My thing about love triangles is it forces the characters to compete. They have to show different sides of themselves, and to me that makes it easier to choose in the end. Who’s there for you when you have no one ? Which will save you when your plan fails? Will they still want you when you are broken, or no longer the best? All important when picking a love interest. I can’t stand mushy romance novels, but do enjoy love triangles in action books, if they are well written. I also really enjoy the disguised characters. Mulan being one of my favorite Disney movies, so I guess that started early XD Add angst to the love triangles, even better! Survival stories are probably my favorite of the four. There’s just something special about a character who survive against the odds. I recently read Black Bead IS Lakey. If you haven’t read it, I recommend checking it out.


  4. I actually don’t mind love triangles either! If they’re done right, I usually enjoy them. If it seems forced just to create tension, then I’m not really on board with it. But overall, I do like them! I also like a good survival story. I’m a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic/mad max-ish xD The one I don’t really agree with is the disguise one — but I think for a different reason. I’m not a fan of the “the MC is a princess but doesn’t know it yet” because it’s always so OBVIOUS that she is the princess. Great post!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


    • True! I totally agree; I love post-apocalyptic novels! Ooh, yeah, I also agree with that; I’m more a fan of the disguising assassin, something that is more straightforward and isn’t trying to hard to be a cool plot twist. Thanks for your insight, Molly! 🙂

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  5. I love it when a character disguises themselves as someone else. I feel like that trope adds to the intensity and the build up between whether they get caught or not and the consequences if they do. With regards to angsty romances I’m on the fence. I think a little angst is a good way to get my emotionally invested in the characters and their journey to each other but too much angst can make it drag and feel over-exaggerated to the point where it doesn’t even seem genuine. However, I can’t say I can agree with the love triangles, I’ve reach my limit with them haha.


  6. Ooh I love characters disguising themselves as well 😀 Except when their disguise is as bad as Team Rocket’s lol. I’m not a fan of love triangles at all, except for The Infernal Devices. I’m sure you’re not alone though! There is a reason why they appear so often 🙂


  7. I like love triangles in some cases, but there are some that drive me crazy. And when you love one of the persons of interest, and the MC picks the other, it hurts. Definitely a hard pill to swallow. There aren’t too many of the tropes that I can’t enjoy when they are well written. Just depends on the author and the story they create!


  8. I had kept this to read AFTER I wrote out the tropes posts i was planning but I got stuck on mine so I came here and ugh ANGSTY ROMANCES ARE EVERYTHING TO ME ❤ and characters disguising themselves. I'm actually writing one of those? Not necessarily /disguising/ but pretending to be someone she's not… I love this list, thanks! You make me feel normal for liking those haha.


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