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Earlier last year, I wrote a blog post, detailing steps on using Edelweiss, a site on which you can request digital galleys from publishers. Edelweiss has since then transformed into a whole new site, upgrading into Edelweiss Plus. I took it upon myself to write another tutorial on how to use the new and upgraded version of Edelweiss. I hope this helps!

If you’re interested in checking out my old Edelweiss tutorial, check out this link here.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use this baby.

1. Head onto the site here, and make an account. I would suggest registering using your blog-oriented email, just so you can separate your work/school/personal/blog stuff. But that’s just me.

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2. Once you register for your account, click on your name on the top right, and edit the profile to represent yourself most accurately for publicity people to see. I tell them I’m a blogger at my own site, and in the “Profile” box, I write down what I would usually write in an email to request physical ARCs. If you want to see how I do that, check out this link! I write down my stats, where I post my reviews, how I write reviews, etc.

3. Then, I would suggest creating a filter to take out all the titles you probably won’t be interested in. I do that under the “Apply Saved Filter” button. I already have one that I named “Review Copy Filter” and I made it that I only see titles that are available for request and are in the Young Adult spectrum. Note: When you want to see what titles are approved to you, you have to clear your filter. It took me the longest time to figure that out.

Screenshot (8).png

4. Once you find a title you want to request, be sure to send your request in! It might take a while for you to be accepted, but in my experiences, Harper is pretty good at accepting requests, Simon and HMH accept selectively (some of my requests have been approved and some have been denied), and Sourcebooks doesn’t like me. If you have any of your own information about the acceptance rate of other pubs that I haven’t named, feel free to comment below!

Screenshot (9).png

Honestly, that’s about it! Now that I’ve explored a bit, I find it to be a lot neater and easier to use. Happy reading, everyone!


So you know how to request and potentially be approved for titles. Here are some tips I’ve accumulated:

  1. Make sure you ONLY request galleys you really want to read. If you do request a title, please try to read and review it! Sometimes you get busy and that’s okay but really try not to stress yourself out with reviewing galleys.
  2. Some publishers don’t use Edelweiss. Those publishers don’t (to my knowledge) approve requests, but they do use other systems, such as Netgalley or their own e-galley system; I know Penguin doesn’t use Edelweiss (this may have changed) and instead uses their First To Read program, which is sort of difficult to get approved for because they do a first-request-first-serve sort of thing.
  3. Be patient! Publishing agents are busy. If they don’t approve right away, it’s okay. Try again in a few weeks, and perhaps add more information in your two boxes.
  4. If you don’t get approved for a title, that’s okay as well! Next time, try to make your profile better (as in keep growing your blog!) or request fewer titles (excessive requests can deter some publishers from approving you).
  5. When you submit your review for a galley, I recommend emailing the publisher’s Children’s publicity agent the review as well. You can find the publicity agent’s email on the publisher’s website.

That’s all I have to share! If you have any requests for tutorials, more tips regarding ARCs/blogging, please let me know! Let me know if you have some of your own tips!


46 thoughts on “Edelweiss Plus Tutorial & Tips

  1. This is a really great post Ali! Hopefully it’ll really help a blogger and reader out there.

    Perhaps some extra info that might be beneficial: Sourcebooks usually deny blogger requests on EW but are very lovely on NG. Penguin mostly uses their book request form for physical ARCs and First in Line (which is also super easy to navigate!) Sometimes saying a few lines on why you’re excited about the book in the box provided helps a lot. For Avon (romance imprint of Harper), I was rejected for only the one book that I didn’t write for. 😀

    Yay for eARCs!


  2. Thank you for this post, that was very useful! I’ll try to request more on Edelweiss because I heard that you get approved more often than on Net Galley!


  3. Thank you for this post! I recently signed up and have been trying to figure out how to use everything. Do you find it helpful to review books there that you didn’t get as an arc? I started adding a few reviews just to see. I haven’t been approved for anything yet, just one decline.


  4. I’ve actually had really great luck with First To Read. I recommend it if you’re willing to log in once a day for a while to build up points because once you do you can guarantee a lot of reads & keep getting more points through reviewing. I recently got Beasts Made of Midnight through it, which I’m so excited for!

    Although their Young Adult selection can be a total bust some months.


  5. I still have yet to go and request physical ARCs lol. I’ve been on Edelweiss but I kept getting rejected which is funny, but on Netgalley I get accepted too much hahaha. One day I’ll get the courage to send the email for a physical ARC.


  6. YES OMG THANK YOU ALICE! I find that most of the time on Edelweiss I’m not accepted because I live in Australia and the publisher doesn’t allow people from that region to access the galley but I haven’t tried very hard on it so thank you for these tips!


  7. Great post!! I wish I’d had this a few weeks ago when I signed up for EW+! I’ve figured it out now after much trial and error (and annoyance), because their site layout is really confusing to me (is that just me?). Now I’m falling in love with the site gradually, because they’ve been approving me for ARCs that Netgalley had turned me down for, like They Both Die at the End!


  8. This is a great tutorial, Alice!! Admittedly I tend to avoid Edelweiss because they have not approved one of my requests in almost 2 years 😂 I think that could be because I’m from Australia though? I have tried again recently though so we’ll see how that goes, haha.


  9. Thank for the tips. I’m not on Edelweiss, but I will start soon! 😊
    I had a question about ARCs. Since I live in Europe, do they send the ARCs internationally? After how many months since I started blogging can I request an ARC? It is mandatory that I have to have at least 500 followers?


    • No problem! I’m pretty sure US-based publishers will not send internationally, but I would do some research because I think some publishers have locations in Europe so maybe contact them instead. There’s no set time to start requesting ARCs but I would suggest having a built foundation for your blog, so publishers know that you’re serious about blogging and reviewing books that they send you. For instance, I started requesting ARCs when I had around 300 blog followers, 500 Twitter followers, and around 1200 followers on both Instagram and Tumblr. Obviously those aren’t set numbers and they aren’t mandatory, but I definitely suggest building up your blog first.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. […] Edelweiss Plus Tutorial & Tips by Alice @Arctic Books. Do you want to start requesting ARCs but you’re as confused by Edelweiss as I am? Have no fear! Alice @Arctic Books explains how Edelweiss works and gives you some great tips based on her experience. I highly recommend reading their other posts about ARCs as well. […]


  11. Hi, i am new to edelweiss, and i was just wondering once you request an arc, how long does it take to see if you get approved? And how do they notify you?


  12. Hello, this is a very useful and infornative post, thank you for it!!! I am an Edelweiss newbie. I can’t find any documentation on when I should post my review on my blog after I’ve finished an Edelweiss book. I can’t find the publisher guidelines anywhere.

    Do you have any recommendations on the timing of publishing book reviews on your blog for EW books? Near publication date, after release, or just before? Or as soon as you finish?


  13. Thanks so much for the tips! I’m a newbie to Edelweiss but have been using NG for a while. Can I ask you, how do you read your DRCs – kindle or computer? I prefer the kindle since I can bring it around with me, but the note about being charged if it’s over a certain size is really putting me off!

    Thanks, Jenn


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