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I’m just going to start off saying that I actually wasn’t tagged for this. But it looked fun, and I’m, like, a week late, so who cares? Let’s get started!

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If I Stay and My Life Next Door just didn’t really do it for me. Although, I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone in like, eighth grade when I really wasn’t into YA at all, so maybe one day I’ll try to read (and perhaps enjoy) it again.

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I never actually finished the Twilight series, so I can’t form a complete opinion on it (except that Edward’s creepy and Bella gets pregnant), but I really, really enjoyed The Host. I hope that Stephanie’s working on the next one!

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I absolutely adored this series. Unfortunately, Stalker and Deuce did not happen (or it did for a mere two scenes), which made me incredibly sad.

Also, Lara Jean and John Ambrose McClaren would have been SO good together. Shame.

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ParanormalI’m just not really into the whole vampire/werewolf/fairy thing. One exception is the Wolves of Mercy Falls series

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I honestly didn’t like Tris that much. Or Four either.

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I’ve only read If I Stay and I just thought it a little bland. It almost made me cry though, so I suppose that’s an okay sign.

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Love at first sight. Honestly, The Statistical Probability was incredibly well-written, which is why I really liked it, but I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I don’t know.

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I read the first one, but I just couldn’t get into the rest. I do like the covers though, so maybe I’ll try again one day.

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I honestly did really like the books, but the series has so many new and unique characters that I’m totally in love with.


What do you think? Do you agree with any of my unpopular opinions? Leave a comment! Also, if you haven’t done this tag yet, and you want to, please do! It was so much fun!


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