Anticipated Additions To My TBR #5

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I’ve recently discovered a few new books, and hence, I’ve added them to my Goodreads shelves! Today, I want to share a few of my newly added books with you! Click on the cover for a link to the Goodreads page!

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Book Boys and Valentine’s Day!

Book Boys and Valentine's Day! (1)

Hey, Bookworms!

It’s Jesse here. It’s that time of year again where everywhere you go there are gigantic hearts, chocolate, cinnamon hearts, stuffed animals with cheesy sayings, and all those happy in-love couples. BLEH

I’m kidding about the last part… maybe. No for real, if you have been lucky enough for to find that special someone you can see spending your future with, then I am happy for you. As for me, well… let’s just say I’m bad at love.

But there is a solution for people like me. And it’s none other than the dreamy, book boys from our favorite stories. That’s right folks, you heard me. I have a slew of fictional boyfriends that I only know about. But I thought it would be fun to spill the beans today, just in time for Valentine’s. And who knows, maybe I’m not the only one?

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Books to Splurge On During Black Friday

Books to Splurge on During Black Friday

Hey Bookworms!

It’s everyone’s favorite shopping day (at least in North America)! BLACK FRIDAY WOOO!!

So you know what that means? It’s the one day a year where it’s okay to spend excessively on books because you will be getting such an amazing deal! At least that’s what I plan to do anyway.

I thought it would be a fun idea to give you some books suggestions that I think would be great additions to your shelves this Black Friday. So let’s begin!

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My (Embarrassingly) Long List of ARCs on my TBR

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One thing that any book blogger will tell you is that when we first get a NetGalley, we go ‘request-happy’. Basically, we will request any and all e-ARCs even if we know that we won’t read them for a while. With that being said, I’ve had a NetGalley for a year and a half. I still request way too many e-ARCs, and it takes me forever to get around to reading them. Some of these books I may never end up getting to. Let’s get into the list of my ARC shame!

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Top 10 Horror Movies From the Last Ten Years

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Hey Bookworms!

I know a lot of people don’t like watching horror movies, but I LOVE IT! I love the adreniline you get from being scared, I like the rooting for the characters, and I like the creativity behind it all. I know this probably makes me a bit morbid, but hey, don’t judge.

For all those that do like watching horror movies, I have compiled a list of 10 of my favorite horror movies from the past 10 years. Some are this year recent, and some are go back a little further!

Hope you enjoy!

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Fall 2017 Fashion Trends | Men + Woman

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Hey Bookworms!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love fashion just as much I like books. Am I though only one? Even though I classify myself as a fashion terrorist, A.K.A. I suck at matching colors; fashion has always been a big part of my life.

I would say my personal style is defintiely neutral colors like black, white, grey, navy etc. I love me some skinny jeans, cropped pants, big knitted sweaters and hoodies. What about you guys?

I thought it would be fun to show you guys what’s trending in the fashion world this Fall of 2017, so let’s begin:

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Fall 2017 TV Shows to Look Out For

Fall 2017TV Showsto LookOut For

Hey Bookworms!

For those of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE TV binge watcher. TV watching is one of my favorite past times aside from reading of course. I usually watch close to 15 shows a season! I like anything from fantasy/sci-fi to dramas, comedies to cop shows and everything in between.

With the new fall season coming up I thought it would be fun to highlight 5 NEW shows that I am most excited for. Of course there are a lot of returning shows I am anticipating too, but you can check out my blog for a post about them coming soon!

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Five YouTube Creators Who I Love

During the summer, I read Tash Hearts Tolstoy and Queens of Geek. One thing that both books have in common (besides WONDERFUL representation) is that they both have books that talk about internet culture/YouTube! It made me really think about all the Youtubers I enjoy and watch frequently. So, today I’m going to be talking about them!


If you’ve followed me on my main blog or Twitter for a while, you probably already know I love Dan and Phil. In fact, I even met them! I don’t watch them as much, but I still love them both dearly.


If you are a fan of paranormal or true crime, I really hope you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved. It is probably one of my top favorite YouTube series right now. Ryan and Shane (the two guys who host the show) have a perfect blend of humor and serious discussions. I highly highly recommend it.


Going along with true crime/mystery, this YouTube channel is another one! I recently discovered her channel, and I can’t stop watching her videos! She covers each of the cases with respect to the families and victims. If you enjoy Buzzfeed Unsolved or other true crime related videos, you will love hers!


If you’re a drama nerd like me, you will LOVE Carrie! She’s a UK based YouTuber who is also an actress. She’s been in the West End’s production of Les Mis, and she is in the U.K. Tour of Addams Family right now. She’s such a sweet person, and I look up to her a lot.


If you’re a fan of Dodie Clark (or people with similar aesthetics), may I introduce you to Conan Gray. His videos are so visually beautiful, and he’s such a kind soul. He also creates music that I listen to every single night before I go to bed. His vlogs are very calming, and I really hope you check him out!


screen-shot-2017-07-09-at-11-17-13-pm-e1499660320686.pngLiv is a 16 year old book blogger who resides in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, petting cats, and listening to musicals.


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Do you watch any YouTubers? Are there any on this list that you watch often already? Let me know down in the comments! I can’t wait to read your responses.