Poetry Collections I’ve Been Reading (and Loving) Lately!

One genre of books I never read for the longest time was poetry. Whenever I thought of poetry, I automatically remembered all the old, boring poems I had to read for middle school English classes. However, I’ve read some poetry collections this past year that have become new favorites. In case you are like past Liv, never fear! Here are four recommendations!

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Goodreads Reading Challenge: Pros and Cons

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It’s now 2018! One of the most popular things to set in January is a Goodreads Reading Goal for the year. It’s a great way to decide how many books you want to read the upcoming year. Or is it? I’ve seen many discussions in the book community about this reading challenge and whether it is good or bad. I plan to discuss it more in my post today. So, what are the pros and cons of setting a Goodreads Goal?

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Why You Should Use Your Local Library More Often

Why You Should Use Your Local Library More Often

There’s one underlying expectation in the book community: in order to be a ‘proper’ bookstagrammer/book blogger/booktuber/etc., you must have a plethora of brand-new, beautiful hardcovers.If you’re like me, then you can’t keep up with this either. There are actually very few people who can actually afford to keep up this expectation. One resource that is often forgotten is the library. Today, I’m going to talk about four main reasons why you should go to your local library more often!

Note: I understand there are many cities, states, and/or countries that don’t have good library programs. There certainly is privilege that comes with the access to decent libraries. 

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Should Book Adaptations be Exactly Like the Book? | Discussion

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As more and more books and series are being adapted into television shows and movies alike, a common theme keeps coming up in regards to the degree of similarity of which the adaptation should be to the book. So, should book adaptations always be exactly like the book? Where do we draw the line between the practicality of filming/editing and how similar the book and movie/show adaptation should be?

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