What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman Book Tour (Moodboard)

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What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman
Genre: YA Mystery

Publication: February 26th 2019 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Siblings Liv and Jory Brewer have grown up resenting one another. Liv—former pageant queen and reality-TV star—was groomed for a life in the spotlight, while her older brother Jory, born with a partial facial paralysis, was left in the shadows. The only thing they have in common is contempt for their parents.

Now Liv is suing her mom and dad for emancipation, and Jory views the whole thing as yet another attention-getting spectacle. But on the day of the hearing, their parents mysteriously vanish, and the siblings are forced to work together. Liv feels certain she knows where they are and suspects that Jory knows more than he’s telling . . . which is true.

What starts as a simple overnight road trip soon takes a turn for the dangerous and surreal. And as the duo speeds through the deserts of Nevada, brother and sister will unearth deep family secrets that force them to relive their pasts as they try to retain a grip on the present.

I’m so thrilled to be on the blog tour for WHAT WE BURIED! To celebrate, my blog tour stop will be a moodboard for this book – check it out below!





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alice name.pngAlice is an 19 year old college student who loves the oxford comma, television shows, and the company of dogs. She finds writing in the third person odd yet enjoyable. You can find her scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and forever organizing her shelves on Goodreads.


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Are you planning to read this book? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “What We Buried by Kate A. Boorman Book Tour (Moodboard)

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