Review: The Deepest Roots by Miranda Asebedo

The Deepest Roots by Miranda Asebedo
Genre: YA Contemporary, Magic
Publication: September 18th 2018 by HarperTeen
Format: ARC (thank you, Harper!)

Contemporary with the slightest twist of magic, this stunning debut YA novel is a fresh and heartwarming story about the power of friendship.

Cottonwood Hollow, Kansas, is a strange place. For the past century, every girl has been born with a special talent, like the ability to Fix any object, Heal any wound, or Find what is missing.

Best friends Rome, Lux, and Mercy all have similar talents, but to them, their abilities often feel like a curse. Rome may be able to Fix anything she touches, but that won’t help her mom pay rent or make it any easier to confide in Lux and Mercy about what’s going on at home. And Rome isn’t the only one. Lux has been hiding bigger, more dangerous secrets.

As Rome struggles to keep her friendships close, she discovers the truth about life in Cottonwood Hollow—that friends are stronger than curses, that trust is worth the risk, and sometimes, what you’ve been looking for has been under your feet the whole time.


THE DEEPEST ROOTS looked really interesting when I read the synopsis, and I was anticipating diving in. However, I felt like this novel missed the mark with me.

THE DEEPEST ROOTS follows three friends: Rome, who is able to Fix anything she touches; Lux, who is able to charm any man she meets; and Mercy, who is able to fill anything she needs. All the girls in the town of Cottonwood Hollow have inherited a magical talent, and one day, Lux finds a diary of the woman who started giving gifts to each girl in the town from around a century ago, giving them hints to where she hid her treasure.

This novel was frankly a little strange, in the sense that it felt whimsical and heavy at the same time. This novel has lots of magical elements, even magical realism, but this novel is set in the middle of Kansas, in a town where Lux and her mother live in a trailer and struggle to earn money. I’m sure fans of magical realism and romance and treasure hunts will definitely enjoy this.

In my case, I felt like there was too much going on in this novel. There was the historical diary, giving the three girls a journey to find what the hidden silver and gold; there was Lux’s blooming relationship with local boy Jett; there was the ultimate showdown at the climax of the novel with Garrett, and frankly, I felt like there was way too much going on. There wasn’t really a focal point, and the plot seemed to drag in a lot of places and speed up randomly in other places.

Overall, THE DEEPEST ROOTS has a lot of potential, but I just didn’t feel it with this one. While I think other readers may enjoy the strength of the three girls’ friendship, the small romance, the treasure hunt, and magical aspects, I just felt like this book was an unfocused clutter of ideas that could be interesting if integrated better.

Thank you to Harper for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


alice name.pngAlice is an 19 year old college student who loves the oxford comma, television shows, and the company of dogs. She finds writing in the third person odd yet enjoyable. You can find her scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and forever organizing her shelves on Goodreads.


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5 thoughts on “Review: The Deepest Roots by Miranda Asebedo

  1. Oh I’m so sorry this one missed the mark, for you, it sounds really promising and I’ve been anticipating it for a little while now. I hope to enjoy it 🙂 thank you so much for sharing!


  2. I am a little sad that this one didn’t work for you, because I liked it a lot. I loved the exploration of the friendship between Lux, Mercy, and Rome, as well as all the “talents” and the whole matriarchal slant to the story.


  3. I am personally really interested with the story from your review! I might give it a shot cause it’s been a long time since I’ve read a magical realism story as well.


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