Favorite POC on Covers!

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Today I want to feature some of my favorite covers with people of color on them! A lot of these books are very close to my heart, so without further ado, let’s check them out!

1. CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE // This is one of my all-time favorite books now – I read this over the holiday season, and my goodness, it’s amazing. Plus I adore the diversity displayed on the cover!

2. LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE // I haven’t read this book yet, but I do know that this is about an asexual girl of color named Alice (!!!!). I love how Alice looks on this gorgeous, gorgeous cover.

3. THE SPEAKER // I read THE READER last year, and I really enjoyed it and I’m excited to dive into the sequel. I also adore how fierce Sefia looks on the cover!

4. AMERICAN PANDA // Guys, I love, love, love this book with all my heart! I related to Mei so much, and she looks so adorable on this cover.

5. THE BELLES // I read this book over the winter, and I really enjoyed it! It reminded me somewhat of THE SELECTION, but more deadly and more magical. I love how Camellia looks on this cover as well!

6.  A BLADE SO BLACK // I don’t know much about this book but if it has Alice in Wonderland vibes and a black main character, I want to be signed up immediately.

7. THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL // Maurene Goo is a new author to me but any book where it has Korean-American representation and some amazing color schemes on its cover is ought to be good.

8. TYLER JOHNSON WAS HERE // I haven’t read this book either, but I’ve heard some amazing things. I love the flowers and the cover with all my soul.

9. A GIRL LIKE THAT // I adore how fierce this girl looks on the cover! Trigger warnings for rape, violence.

10. WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI // Menon did amazing with the Indian-American representation and I love how adorable Dimple looks on the cover. I’m so happy this book reached the NYT Bestsellers list!

11. WHICHWOOD // Ah, Tahereh Mafi, my favorite author. I’m so happy to see a Muslim girl on the cover of this middle-grade, which I think is a huge step for publishers in general! So, so, so happy with this.

12. NOT NOW, NOT EVER // I haven’t read this novel, but I did receive an ARC of it in the mail! I love the color scheme and the girls of color on the cover.


alice name.pngAlice is an 18 year old college student who loves the oxford comma, television shows, and the company of dogs. She finds writing in the third person odd yet enjoyable. You can find her scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, and forever organizing her shelves on Goodreads.


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Are you planning to read any of these books? Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Favorite POC on Covers!

  1. I read and loved Whichwood, it’s one of my favorite covers. I also read and enjoyed The Belles, and I love the cover too. I am definitely planning on reading Tyler Johnson Was Here at some point.


  2. Yes to all of these. Whichwood is one of my faves. It’s beautiful. I love both Goo’s covers too. I think The Poet X, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (series), Saints and Misfits, Epic Crush of Genie Lo, My So-Called Bollywood Life, From Twinkle with Love, Learning to Breathe, and Soundless are quite lovely as well.


  3. This is one of my favorite posts of yours so far! Look at all those beautiful covers. POC is where it’s at 💪🏾


  4. I’m so glad to see more POC on covers and those covers tend to get checked out more ( I’m a teen librarian). The Speaker is my fave among your list. Rani Patel in Full Effect has a pretty good over too and it’s always checked out.


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