Monthly Recap: January 2018

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Hi everyone! It’s that part of the month again when we wrap everything up! We can’t wait to share with you what we read, reviewed, posted, and other in-real-life happenings!


Hi everyone! Alice here. This month, I read ,,, books. This is the most amount of books in a month I’ve read ever, so I’m super proud of myself for making such a dent in my reading challenge this year. You can see all the books I read on my Goodreads page. Here are a few of my favorites this month:


Hello there! It’s JM, and I’m extremely glad to be sharing with you all that I read 8 books this January! *throws confetti* Now before you judge me or anything (which I know you won’t), I don’t find it normal to be able to read more than 6 books a month. I don’t know what happened, but maybe I was just able to start my reading year with a lot of drive, and it also helped that I picked up such great titles towards the start of the year. Anyway, here all the books I read this January:


My favorites among these are Far From The Tree (which happens to be my first read of 2018), Reign The Earth, All of This Is True, Reign of The Fallen, and Let’s Talk About Love.

Hey bookworms, Jesse here with what I have been reading this past month. I’ve read 10 books, 3 manga, and 3 graphic novels! Definitely was a big month for me. January is the start of a new year so I wanted to come out strong and set a good example for myself for the rest of the year. I think I did just that! Here are 5 highlights from this month’s reading:


Dear Martin // A masterpiece of social injustice in today’s society. Go read this one. Honestly, such an important piece of fiction, and you better bring your tissues along for this wild ride.

Everless // It’s been a good while since I last read a YA fantasy that I enjoyed this much. It was refreshing and the characters were spot on! Can’t recommend this one enough! Lots of action, blood, and time currency, just to name a few things to expect.

The Speaker // I wasn’t in love with The Reader (the 1st book in this series), but I was blown away by this one. Honestly. The story got better, the writing stayed magical and the characters now hold a place in my heart. All the feels for this one!

Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 1 // If you’re looking for a care-free, LOL comedy with amazing artwork and good dialogue, then this one is for you. I highly recommend this one. The concept is a little whack, but the execution is spectacular.

Iron Gold // If you know me, you know I love the Red Rising series (and the sexy Pierce Brown). So of course this one was a highlight for me. A new story arc with my beloved babies from the first series, sprinkled with new babies to love (and hate). This continuation of the Red Rising world is going to be AMAZING!

Hey everyone! It’s Liv here. I only read one book this month which was Nice Try, Jane Sinner. The next few months of my life are going to be ridiculously busy which you will see in the next few sections 🙂



  • Alice // This month, I was home from college, so I did a lot of reading, sleeping, watching movies, blogging, and studying. I watched CALL ME BY YOUR NAME and LADY BIRD, both of which I adored. I’ve been listening to some new music, so I’ll possibly make a post of my current playlist sometime in the future as well!
  • JM // Nothing much happened for me, really. My January was filled with so much stress and deadlines, and so I needed to read more than I usually do to escape reality. I did get some fabulous book mail, if you’re into that stuff? Maybe check out my Stacking The Shelves post on BFR if you have the time?
  • Jesse // My January was cold. Yes I know I live in Canada and it’s expected, but seriously, it was effing cold. PIERCE BROWN came back to Toronto this month for his launch tour of Iron Gold, and I got to see his lovely face again. HAHA. I’m not a creep I swear!
  • Liv // My semester finally ended! Phantom of the Opera rehearsals are now in full swing, and I’m working to memorize my music now. I was also accepted into the School of the New York Times for Creative Writing/Theater/Photography. If you’d like to help me pay for my tuition click here to go to my GFM 🙂


  • Alice // I’m going back to school in February, so I’m probably not going to have much reading done then. However, I do have a few posts scheduled throughout the semester, so keep an eye out for that! I’m also planning to watch THE DEATH CURE and LOVE, SIMON sometime in the future!
  • JM // February’s going to be a pretty exciting month with all the book sales and signing events that I’m attending. But one thing I’m surely most excited for is Jay Asher’s Manila signing on the 25th of February! See poster(s) below for details: 

  • Jesse // What’s coming up? I don’t think I have anything major planned. Work, reading, hang with my friends etc. It’s the dead of winter and I think I want to just hibernate.
  • Liv // My best friend from Texas is coming to visit me, and we’re going to NYC together! We’re seeing Spongebob the Musical together. My other best friend is leaving for a year for foreign exchange, so this month will be quite difficult for me.


How was your January? What was the best book you read this month? Let us know in the comments below!


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