Tips to Survive the Winter Cold

Tips to Survive the Winter

Hey, Bookworms!

Winter is fast approaching, unless you live in a city/country where it is warm all year round. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury as I live up in the cool country of Canada. But fear not my fellow Winterians, I have the perfect tips to survive the winter cold this season. Of course they all revolve around all things bookish people love, because duh, wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t!

So let’s jump right in!



Tips Books

This wouldn’t be a good winter if you didn’t maximize all the time you’re going to be spending indoors without reading books! So before the first snowfall, make sure you head out to your local bookstore and stock up! Buy the latest releases, this year’s hottest most talked about books, past favorites you don’t have in your collection, or even your favorite guilty pleasure.

If you’re already stuck inside because the temperatures are unbearable to go out on a whim, then hop on your computer or tablet and buy those e-books! I like to have at least one of every kind of format: physical, e-book, audiobook, and ARC.

I’ve stocked up, have you?



Tips TeaLet’s be real. Would we be good book people if we didn’t have a cabinet full of our favorite hot beverages? Whether it’s teas, coffee, hot cocoa or any other extravagant warm in my tummy drink, I know you’ve got it. So starting now horde your favorites and stock up your cabinet. Trust me, once that cold weather comes blowing through your city, those are the only drinks you’ll want to consume.

I’m an avid black tea drinker; but I like to dabble in a hot chocolate now and again!



Tips CozyI am always on top on this tip every year. I have this really cozy fluffy blanket I got from Indigo that I wrap around my body from morning until night (unless I’m at work of course). Don’t get me started on how many sweaters and cozy socks I own, my closet is full at the moment.

These are all essential to staying warm and cozy this winter. So make sure you have a couple options on hand to stay nice and toasty when the weather is bitterly cold out!



Tips CandleBookworms love candles, am I right or what? I have at least 6 in my room at the moment. Why are candles so essential? Not only do they smell good, but they also set the mood for a nice cozy evening inside curled up with a book. But let’s not forget their other features too, like providing a nice glowing light, and keeping the room nice and toasty.

I’ve stocked up on some of my favorite holiday scents this year and I can’t wait to set them on fire! Muahahahaa….




Tips ComfortThis is probably the most important rule of them all. Once you have completed tips 1 through 4, you’re going to want to find your cozy spot. This could be anything from the comfy chair in the living room, the couch in the downstairs family room, your bouncy bed, or even the toilet. You think I’m joking about that last one, but I’m totally serious. My toilet is so cozy. HAHA!

Grab your book, your tea, your warm sweater/socks/blanket, light your candles and get comfy in your spot for a nice evening reading. Could we ask for anything better? I think not.


jesse name graphic[1168]Jesse is a 20 something college student/server and dwells in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys reading about fantastical worlds, listening to KPOP, and being a couch potato.


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What are some of your tips to surviving the winter cold? Will you be curling up all cozy like I will? Let me know in the comments below!



7 thoughts on “Tips to Survive the Winter Cold

  1. Funny I just finish drafting and scheduling my own winter post! It’s mostly pictures of our winters here in New England so not really a bookish post like yours. Love it! The pics are gorgeous. And Tanks for reminding me of CANDLES! 🙂

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  2. This is literally me in the Winter. I can usually cope with the cold in during the day, but when the night hits and the frost sets, that’s when I feel it. My go-to method to survive the winter is to get the fire going. There is nothing cozier than cuddling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, blanket, and a good book.

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  3. I bought myself a new blanket just last week that I am incredibly happy with having now that it’s getting cold. It’s really helped me feel cozier. What I really need to go out and get now is hot cocoa. I haven’t gotten any yet this year, and it’s definitely getting to be the right weather for it!


  4. Staying at home inside when it’s freezing cold outside is the best feeling ever! I’ve already stocked up on my instant coffee and green tea, ready for lazy weekends at home ❤

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