Five YouTube Creators Who I Love

During the summer, I read Tash Hearts Tolstoy and Queens of Geek. One thing that both books have in common (besides WONDERFUL representation) is that they both have books that talk about internet culture/YouTube! It made me really think about all the Youtubers I enjoy and watch frequently. So, today I’m going to be talking about them!


If you’ve followed me on my main blog or Twitter for a while, you probably already know I love Dan and Phil. In fact, I even met them! I don’t watch them as much, but I still love them both dearly.


If you are a fan of paranormal or true crime, I really hope you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved. It is probably one of my top favorite YouTube series right now. Ryan and Shane (the two guys who host the show) have a perfect blend of humor and serious discussions. I highly highly recommend it.


Going along with true crime/mystery, this YouTube channel is another one! I recently discovered her channel, and I can’t stop watching her videos! She covers each of the cases with respect to the families and victims. If you enjoy Buzzfeed Unsolved or other true crime related videos, you will love hers!


If you’re a drama nerd like me, you will LOVE Carrie! She’s a UK based YouTuber who is also an actress. She’s been in the West End’s production of Les Mis, and she is in the U.K. Tour of Addams Family right now. She’s such a sweet person, and I look up to her a lot.


If you’re a fan of Dodie Clark (or people with similar aesthetics), may I introduce you to Conan Gray. His videos are so visually beautiful, and he’s such a kind soul. He also creates music that I listen to every single night before I go to bed. His vlogs are very calming, and I really hope you check him out!


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Do you watch any YouTubers? Are there any on this list that you watch often already? Let me know down in the comments! I can’t wait to read your responses.