Arctic Books’ New Co-Blogger Introduction: Jesse!

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Hey Bookworms!

I am so honored and thrilled to now be a part of the Arctic Books team. I want to take the time and thank Alice again for this amazing and fun opportunity. I am going to be taking this challenge on and hopefully producing quality posts for you guys to enjoy!

Here are some facts about me!

That's Me!

I) My name is Jesse Nicholas and I blog over at Books at Dawn as well as co-blog here at Arctic Books!

II) I read mostly YA sci-fi/fantasy, but I have been known to dabble in adult fantasy as well as the thriller/mystery genre.

III) When I’m not reading you will find me singing and dancing to KPOP. My favorite groups/artists are: Girls Generation, Monsta X, BTS, Red Velvet, GOT7, NCT, Mamamoo and many more.

IV) I drink tea like it’s water. It’s pretty normal for me to have 4-5 cups of it a day. I know how bad that sounds, but it’s an addiction okay??

V) I sell shoes during the week and I serve on the weekends. You might be wondering when I get a day off; never. Just kidding! I might have one day a week off, but it doesn’t feel like it.

I Met Pierce Brown!

VI) I met Pierce Brown and several other authors who I love including: Morgan Rhodes, Marie Lu, Jeff Zentner, Elly Blake, Sabaa Tahir, Erin Bow, Kevin Sands and many more! 💙

VII) I love flying. Any chance I can get to hop on a plane and travel the world I will take it. I recently got back from a month long trip through Europe. I got to go to so many cities and countries. It was a dream come true!

VIII) I listen to way more audiobooks than actually reading a physical book. I commute a lot for work and find it easier to listen on the bus/train.

IX) I have maybe 100+ books on my shelves that have not been read yet. I made it my goal this year to at least knock it in half. I’m doing pretty well so far!

X) I’m gay, but I don’t let it define me as a person. I will gravitate towards contemporaries with gay main characters though. I tend to connect better with them and their experiences!


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I hope you all are as pumped as I am to be on the Arctic Books team! What are you looking forward to most from us as co-bloggers? What kind of posts do you want to see and read? Let us know in the comments below.


Well, that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed my first post here on Arctic Books and come back looking forward to more awesomeness!

Be sure to follow me me on Twitter, Instragam and GoodReads!

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Jesse is a 20 something college student/server and dwells in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys reading about fantastical worlds, listening to KPOP, and being a couch potato.




6 thoughts on “Arctic Books’ New Co-Blogger Introduction: Jesse!

    • Thank you so much Madalyn. It means a lot to me. I don’t think I would ever survive working at a tea shop. Probably would OD on tea leaves 😛

      Hope to talk to you again soon!


  1. Welcome, Jesse. I have your tea problem but with coffee which is probably worse 😂 My shelves are also full of unread books. Suuuper jealous of your travelling, I’ve never been on a plane before. One day, hopefully haha. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lauren!

      I feel like any caffeine is probably bad to be comsumed so much! Ha. Travelling is definitely a life experience I think you should have. Plane rides are super fun!

      Hope to see you around my posts in the future! 😀


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