Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey | Blog Tour Interview + Giveaway


Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be on the blog tour for DUELS AND DECEPTION! I have a soft spot in my heard for historical fiction romances, so I’m excited to share with you the interview I had with the lovely author! Here’s a little bit about the book:

Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey
Series: n/a
Genre: YA Historical, Romance
Publication: April 11, 2017 by Swoon Reads

Miss Lydia Whitfield, heiress to the family fortune, has her future entirely planned out. She will run the family estate until she marries the man of her late father’s choosing, and then she will spend the rest of her days as a devoted wife. Confident in those arrangements, Lydia has tasked her young law clerk, Mr. Robert Newton, to begin drawing up the marriage contracts. Everything is going according to plan.

Until Lydia—and Robert along with her—is kidnapped. Someone is after her fortune and won’t hesitate to destroy her reputation to get it. With Robert’s help, Lydia strives to keep her family’s good name intact and expose whoever is behind the devious plot. But as their investigation delves deeper and their affections for each other grow, Lydia starts to wonder whether her carefully planned future is in fact what she truly wants…

Tell us about your book, Duels & Deception, in 140 characters.

Cindy: Heiress and law clerk are entangled in a ruinous scandal. Love brings trouble as they search for those behind the plot to steal her fortune.

How long did it take you to write / formulate the plot for the story?

Cindy: I find plotting organic. While the initial planning/chapter-outline stage only took a week… maybe ten days, the book veered several times during the writing process and the plot had to be adjusted accordingly.

Without spoilers, what was your favorite scene to write?

Cindy: This is actually a harder question than it would seem. Still, if I had to choose… I greatly enjoyed writing the scene where Robert (law clerk/apprentice) can hardly think straight due to Lydia’s close proximity.

Tell us about your publishing journey.

Cindy: Well, it was a long journey and very similar to other writers—full of hopes and dreams… and rejections. Love, Lies and Spies was my third complete manuscript but my first Regency Romance. As I queried various literary agents and publishers, I continued to write—honing my craft. Occasionally I would be asked for a complete manuscript and it was often returned with a nice rejection letter, extolling the book’s virtues. Gratifying but a rejection is a rejection. By the time I uploaded A Modest Predicament (Love, Lies and Spies) to the Swoon Reads website, I was writing more for myself than the market. I was shocked, absolutely flabbergasted, when I received an email from Holly at Swoon Reads expressing an interest in my manuscript. It didn’t seem real until I held Love, Lies and Spies in my hand a year later.

What is your writing schedule like?

Cindy: I am very fortunate to have an office in the basement, away from noise and distractions where I write Monday to Friday-10am to 6pm.

Were there different titles for your book? If so, what were they?

Cindy: Yes indeed. Duels & Deception was originally Carried Astray. The Swoon Reads team is much better at titles than I am!

Huge thanks to Cindy for participating in this interview!!

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Whenever she is not sitting at the computer, throwing a ball in the backyard, gardening or reading, Cindy can be found–actually, not found–adventuring around the world with her hubby.

She has lived on three continents, had a monkey in her yard and a scorpion under her sink, dwelt among castles and canals, enjoyed the jazz of Beale St and attempted to speak French.

Cindy loves history, mystery and… a chocolate Labrador called Chester. Love, Lies and Spies is her debut novel.

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads

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Tour-wide giveaway (US/CAN)
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Check out the rest of the tour here!

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Have you read DUELS AND DECEPTION yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


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