Monthly TBR: April 2017

monthly tbr.png

I decided to create a new feature on my blog, in which I would discuss the books I’m planning to read. I find this helps me stay focused on my TBR and not procrastinate or fall into slumps. Without further ado, here’s my monthly TBR for April!

LETTERS TO THE LOST // I’m currently reading this one and it’s pretty good so far. I love the incorporation of letters within the novel, and it seems like a profound perspective of grief and love.

THE LOVE INTEREST // I’m super duper excited to read this book because it’s about two boys who have to compete for the girl but instead fall in love with each other instead. I love that.

HUNTED // I recently got a finished copy of this one in my March Uppercase, and it’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling which is good timing for the movie that came out recently!

A MILLION JUNES // I enjoyed Emily Henry’s debut, THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD, and if the inside of this book is as amazing as the outside, I’ll be a very happy bookworm.

What are your thoughts? What are you planning to read this month? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Monthly TBR: April 2017

  1. Hunted was SOOOO Good! Lol I wasn’t expecting to love it so much, hope you enjoy when you get around to it! I’m most likely going to be reading Love Interest & A Million Junes this month as well, trying to stay on track with reviews. I’m currently reading Given to the Sea & I would love to get to Upside of Unrequited but this is a ambitious TBR for me haha! Happy reading in April 😉


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