Monthly TBR: March 2017!

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On a whim, I decided to create a new feature on my blog, in which I would discuss the books I’m planning to read. I find this helps me stay focused on my TBR and not procrastinate or fall into slumps. Without further ado, here’s my monthly TBR for March!

TRAITOR TO THE THRONE // I really enjoyed REBEL OF THE SANDS (despite some of its problematic nature) so I’m quite excited to pick this one up. I’ve heard pretty good things about the inside of the book to cancel my disappointment about the cover change on the outside of this book.

THE BONE WITCH // This one seems pretty supernatural/paranormal to me, and it’s also by a POC author so I’m doubly anticipating this one! It has a GORGEOUS cover (I’m a cover-judger, okay) so I’m hoping the content will be as equally stunning.

GOODBYE DAYS // I haven’t read Zentner’s debut novel (oops) but many of my trusted followings on Twitter have said this one is heartbreaking and moving. Just up my alley. Here’s to hoping it breaks my heart.

RISE OF FIRE // Last year, I read REIGN OF SHADOWS and I really enjoyed it (even though it did have ableist undertones); it was immensely romantic, lush, and atmospheric, and I’m hoping that the sequel (and the finale) is just as amazing. Maybe this one won’t be as ableist too.

I didn’t want to go too overboard with my TBR for this month, so here’s just four of the books I’m hoping to tackle this month. What are your thoughts? What are you planning to read this month? Do you usually follow your TBRs? Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “Monthly TBR: March 2017!

  1. I read The Bone Witch last month and thought it was ok. Just very slow. I think that’s probably a result of it being the first book in a series though and I’m still really looking forward to the other books. I hope you enjoy it (and your other books!). πŸ™‚


  2. Ohhh I’m so excited for Goodbye Days!! Your friends are right, his debut novel was absolutely amazing (and heartbreaking) </3 I heard this one is even sadder though hahaha hope you enjoy all these books, happy reading!


  3. I have heard so much about Jeff Zentner. I feel like I should try his books soon! And true, as much as I like the new covers for Alwyn Hamilton’s books, I HATE cover changes when they are done mid-series. UGH. Don’t they feel our pain?


  4. I don’t actually ever plan my reading in advance – I pretty much end up reading whatever catches me eye, whenever I feel like it! TBR lists just feel too much like work or school for me, and I don’t like having to following rules, even the ones I make up for myself. πŸ˜‰


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