Interview with Zahdia @GigglinBookworm | #WTTN16

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Hi everyone! Today, we’re here with another new-ish book blogger! If you don’t know, WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a feature on my blog in which I introduce new bloggers through interviews and guest posts as well as a few giveaways! You can find more information here.

Today, we’re here with Zahdia from Giggling Bookworm! Let’s start with the interview!

1. Introduce yourself! Where are you from? How long have you been blogging?
Hey guys! I’m Zahdia! I’m from London and I started blogging at about 6 months ago.
2. What made you want to start book blogging in the first place?
I’d wanted to start a blog for quite a while, but I never actually got around to it until my work contract ended and I decided to take a break till the next one. So I left the numbers and reports behind and focused on the books! ALL THE BOOKS!
The main reason was that it was an excuse to focus on my writing while doing something I love, reading, and also getting to explore more genres outside of the Magic & Fantasy adventures I normally dive in.
3. Do you have any bloggers that you look up to? If so, who?
This may sound weird, but I hardly ever read blogs. It’s heard not to be aware of them, it’s a mega millennial icon but I always assumed reading someone’s post would affect the way I read the book. Although I am trying harder now to interact with other bloggers!
4. What goals do you have for your blog and/or yourself?
Do I have any goals? Hmm… Like I said this was more to focus on my writing but I would love to be posting a lot more regularly. I guess that’s the goal for 2017. Oh and maybe get some more followers. (Apparently those numbers are the key to getting special bookmail from publishers, which was obviously my real goal. shhhh!)
Actually I need to get better with my online social media presence. I have accounts but I’m more of a lurker than a talker. There we go, another goal for 2017. I just don’t know where people get the time for all the different platforms while also reading and writing.
5. What sorts of posts do you currently incorporate in your blog? What kinds of posts do you want to see more throughout the whole book community?
I have yet to settle on a theme/brand for my blog. My posts are soooo random! I did start with posting book reviews and they do make the majority of my posts but I do have some fandom ones too. I’m always getting ideas of what I’d like to talk about but I’m always wondering about the voice of my blog. My book reviews tend to be a lot more ‘professional’ compared to the other posts I write.
6. What has been your experience with ARCs (advance reading copies)?
At first, I was really excited at the prospects of receiving ARCs in exchange for reviews. I mean, who could say no to free books? But that’s one thing that I have to constantly be aware of, not requesting to many books just because I can.  I have such a long list of books that I’ve requested, it just feels like i’m having to force myself to read some of those so I can keep to my deadlines. I should say I’m talking about e-ARCS, mainly from Netgalley. I would love physical ARCs. They’re so pretty. I have managed to get my greedy hands on a few and I do love them.
7. What are your favorite books? What books do you recommend for everyone?
The Prisoner of Azakban was one of my absolute favourites when I was younger, but Harry Potter aside, it’s hard to say which books are my favourites. I love the fantasy genre but books have different experiences at different times in your life which is also why I find it hard to recommend books. But some authors that come to mind are Rainbow Rowell, Sarah J Maas, Anthony Horowitz, Roald Dahl, Leigh Bardugo, & Maggie Steifvater.
Actually I just remembered on of my other favourites, Missing You by Meg Cabot which was the last book in the 1-800-Where-R-You series. Now, this may be hard to believe, as I am a hardcore HP fan, but I’ve read this more times than PoA. This is a book that has followed me to every holiday/ short trip and I can read in any mood. It’s not one where you get whisked away on a flying carpet, but it’s the kind of special that you only feel when you’re sitting under a cozy blanket with your best friend, watching an old favourite movie!
8. What advice do you have for new book bloggers?
There’s two main things that I would say.
Write whatever you want to write about, but be sensitive to the issues that other people face.
Don’t be afraid to the get to know other readers/bloggers/writers. The book community is great; for a people who love nothing more than squirreling away with a good book, we can be very social!


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As part of the tour, I’m giving away one YA preorder of your choice (under $17), international as long as TBD ships. Full rules here.

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Zahdia also has a giveaway going on!



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What was your favorite part of this interview? Do we have anything in common?


3 thoughts on “Interview with Zahdia @GigglinBookworm | #WTTN16

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I love being able to get to know bloggers and discover new ones. I agree with Zahdia about requesting so many ARCs, it becomes overwhelming and then you feel forced to read the books. For that reason alone, I stopped requesting ARCs all together. I just need to remind myself that if I don’t get the book immediately, that doesn’t mean I won’t ever get to read it. PoA is my favorite in the HP series, too!


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