Who Doesn’t Love a Good Road Trip? | Snapshot Series #1


Today, I’m here with a new feature called SNAPSHOT SERIES. This feature, inspired by Rachel from Hello, Chelly’s Life Lately, is basically showing all of you what my personal life has been through pictures.

This month, I visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was a very long drive, so our family alternated driving between my dad and myself. We visited the campus of the University of Pittsburgh as well as the city of Pittsburgh over the course of two days.

Pittsburgh is home to lots of gorgeous buildings. Even the streets look nice!

On the first day, we went on a free walking tour that focused on the buildings. The first two photos are of a public building (I can’t remember the name) (but it’s so freaking gorgeous!). The third photo is of a church around 6th street (I believe?).


A panorama of the city of Pittsburgh that I took from Grandview Pointe.

A few shots of the campus of UPitt—It’s so gorgeous!

On the second day, we visited the UPitt campus. The first picture of the Cathedral of Learning, which (fun fact!) is the tallest building on campus (because the guy who built it wanted everyone to know where it was). The second picture is inside the Cathedral; I also learned from the tour guide that it’s rated on Buzzfeed’s list of Top Ten Places that Look Like the Inside of Hogwarts and it beat out Oxford, where HP was actually filmed!

Inside the Cathedral of Learning are these classrooms that represent classrooms from other nations, which shows the diversity of how differently people from other nations learn.

page separatorsScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 6.05.55 PM

I really enjoyed this new feature! Thoughts? Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Let me know!


24 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love a Good Road Trip? | Snapshot Series #1

  1. Oh wow Pittsburgh is such a beautiful place! Every single snapshot is gorgeous and those buildings are magnificent, nothing like that from where I’m from. This has instantly been added to my top places to visit!


  2. Such a cool road trip and I’m so jealous of your right now! Pittsburgh had never really been on my radar and I have absolutely no reason why not but just looking at these stunning pictures I am blown away! This place is beyond beautiful and I am dying to go on my trip there one day.


  3. No, I haven’t visited Pittsburgh. I live in a suburb near Philadelphia. I can’t wait to move back to Philadelphia. Anyway, you guys should come here next time!


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