Happy First Blogiversary to Arctic Books! (+ giveaway)

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So it’s today. I’ve officially been part of the book community for ONE year. I’m honestly so grateful and scared and shocked that I’ve done this for a whole year; the whole 365 days of it. Anyway, I’m super thrilled to be able to share this with all of you.

I can’t thank you all enough. I’ve never really had a blog or some sort of outlet on which I’ve posted regularly. I did have a few blogs a few years ago, but I never lasted this long on any of them. Nonetheless, I’m so glad that I decided to stick around in this area of the internet.

To be part of this book community, despite its occasional spurt of drama, is honestly a wonderful feeling. All of you have given me something to cherish, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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What I’ve Done

This list sorta sounds like my birthday post, but it’s different. Sorta. I swear.

  • I started Arctic Books on August 3, 2015. I definitely didn’t really start blogging until November or so, but still.
  • I joined a couple of street teams, including Elise Kova‘s, Michelle Madow‘s, and Nori’s Sunday Street Team.
  • I participated in quite a few blog tours, including those hosted by Hannah @ Irish Banana.
  • I started receiving physical ARCs. (I’m still in awe.)
  • I started a bookstagram and I’m hoping to grow it even more!
  • I think I’ve been known for my reviews! Someone told me once that they always read my blog for reviews and it seriously made me cry.
  • I’ve made so many bookish buddies and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you. ❤

Here are my stats, just so I can compare them to my stats next year and see how (if?) I’ve grown.

  • 244 posts with 2,765 comments, 20,043 total views,
  • 404 Wordpress followers, 26 email followers
  • 162 Bloglovin’ followers
  • 1,038 Twitter followers
  • 1,680 Instagram followers
  • 1,250 Tumblr followers

Goals for Next Year

  • I’d love to host a Twitter chat, maybe with someone else (hit me up if you’re interested?!?)
  • I might want to get a co-blogger; with senior year coming up, I’m probably not going to have much time to blog. If you’re interested in co-blogging, let me know! I’m seriously thinking about this.

Stats-wise, I’d love to reach these milestones:

  • 40,000 total views
  • 600 WordPress followers, 50 email followers
  • 350 Bloglovin’ followers
  • 2,000 Twitter followers
  • 10k Instagram followers
  • 2,000 Tumblr followers

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Whew! With that finished, let’s get on to the Q&A and giveaway! Thank you all so much for sending in questions! You make my heart ache. In a good way though.

Well, I’ve definitely spent more time on the interwebs, and I’ve read more! Before I started blogging, I only read around three books a month-ish, but now I definitely read more.

  1. Probably SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi. (And the rest of the series too!)
  2. On my personal Twitter account, I had been following publishers like Penguin, Epic Reads, etc., so one day, I decided to creep around the replies on one of those tweets, and I happened to visit a book blogger’s Twitter. I kept on creeping around on the blogger’s blog, and it gave me inspiration to create a blog myself!
  3. I consider Nisha @ A Running Commentary and Kaitlin @ Next Page Please! to be very kind souls.

Ooh, this is a hard one because so many amazing things have happened! But I would have to say when someone (I can’t remember who, I woe) put my blog on their list of 100 favorite book blogs and it literally made my whole year.

  1. SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi
  2. WE ARE THE ANTS by Shaun David Hutchinson
  3. ENCLAVE by Ann Aguirre

All of these books really affected me and really made me think.

Make sure you have fun with blogging! It’s really easy to get lost in stats and jealousy and all that, but if you have fun and you have passion, then getting more stats and followers will come naturally, I think.

I moderately enjoy pie, especially apple! If not pie, I very much so love rice pudding. Or any kind pudding.

I think my least favorite genre to read is a tie between paranormal and horror. It just doesn’t do it for me (oops). For a color….. a light/pastel purple, maybe?

I like writing book haul posts. And I do like doing graphic design, so I guess I like those aspects of my blog!

I mean, I love blogging and I’m totally getting the hang of it now! I’ve always wanted to have a blog, and now I finally do. I never thought that my blog would center around books but I’m glad it does because what else would I blog about?

Hm…. probably Tahereh Mafi and Marie Lu? I love both of their works and they’re both so creative and lovely, and bonus: they’re friends in real life which I think is awesome! They should totally do it.

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Lastly, I’d love to get some feedback from you! I’ve been talking (typing?) a lot, but I’d love for you to talk to me and tell me things.

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Lately, I’ve seen so many fantastic upcoming releases, which I’m super pumped for (and I hope you are too!), so I’m giving away one preorder/order of one of the books above!

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must be 18 or older or have your parent’s consent to release a mailing address.
  • You may only use one account to enter.
  • If the winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, i will choose another winner.
  • I am not responsible for anything lost in the mail.
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with Book Despository / Amazon.
  • This giveaway will run from August 3, 2016 at 12AM EST to September 3, 2016 at 12 AM EST.
  • Read my full policy here. Good luck!!!!!

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blog graphic illustration by freepik

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As a final thank you and daily reminder, please know that if you ever need to talk about anything, my DMs are open and I always check my email. Don’t hesitate to ask or pop in if you ever need anything that I can help you with! ❤

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That was a long post! What book would you get? When is your blogoversary (if you blog)? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


136 thoughts on “Happy First Blogiversary to Arctic Books! (+ giveaway)

  1. Happy blogiversary! I’m really grateful for everything you and your blogger colleagues do. I love finding out about upcoming releases, reading reviews and all in all I think being a bookblogger is a lot more work than it appears.


  2. Happy Blogoversary!! Congrats on one year 😀 Thanks for the awesome giveaway, too. I’d probably pick…CARAVAL? This is super difficult (lol) since all of them are on my TBR haha! Thanks again and here’s to hopefully many more years of book blogging! 😀


  3. Happy Blogversary! This is an awesome giveaway! I would choose either Heartless by Marissa Meyer or A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir!! I hope the next year is just as good for you!


  4. Happy Blogoversary and congratulations, despite the distractions of the real world, you manage to reach the first anniv of your blog! Hope you’ll have more blogoversaries and followers in the coming year. Thanks for being a guide to us readers in choosing what to read next. Thank you! 😊


  5. Happy blogoversary! I just celebrated my 7th, so I wish you at least that many more years with your blog. If I won I would probably want either Caraval or Three Dark Crowns.


  6. Happy Blogiversary! My top picks for September are Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb, Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews and Once Broken Faith by Seanan McGuire.


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