2016 ARC August: Sign Up


ARC April is a month long challenge dedicated to reading as many ARCs as you can to lower your TBR! This challenge is hosted by the lovely bloggers atRead.Sleep.Repeat, and I’m really excited to join this! You can read more about it/sign up here! So let’s see what ARCs I want to read this month, shall we?

So there are the books that I’m hoping to read in August. What ARCs do you think I should start with? What ARCs are you hoping to read in August if you’re joining this event?


17 thoughts on “2016 ARC August: Sign Up

  1. Hey, I also plan to participate in ARC August. I’ll probably post aboutitthis or next week. I still haven’t made thedecision what ARCs to read first, but I won’t be reading many as you will.


  2. The books on your list! *heart eyes* WOW! I personally would start with Bright Smoke, Cold Fire (because Rosamund Hodge is amazing!), The Dark Crowns and Replica. All three are on my TBR and I’m so excited to read them. Good luck!


  3. If you started with Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, it would be awesome! I love Rosamund’s writing and I can’t wait to get to read her next book.


  4. Ohh I haven’t read them all *hides in shame*. But if I were you I probably start with Three Dark Crowns or Bright Smoke Cold Fire since both sounds awesome! Anyway, goodluck with ARC August and hope you could read them all 😀


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