What I’d Like to See More In YA | Guest Post by @DiannaLGunn


5 Things I want to see more of in YA

I’m not the most well read person in the world but I do read somewhere between 20 & 30 books a year, most of them YA. I also interview authors every week on my blog, a great many of them YA authors(although less so recently). And because that obviously isn’t enough of a commitment to books, I also manage a group steampunk blog where we interview authors and review books, a large portion of them YA novels.

The YA novels I’ve read are wildly imaginative, often set in truly fantastical lands with detailed worldbuilding and innovative magic/science systems. But in some ways they are all very much the same, and while I love the archetypes and tropes they use, I want more variety in my reading.

How we achieve that variety is a long, painful conversation about the publishing world I don’t want to have here (and, frankly, I’d rather not have it at all but I’ll have to eventually) so I’m just going to talk about what I’d like to see more of in the YA landscape:

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