How to Book Convention | Guest Post by Liv @Grangerliv

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In April, I attended my first book festival ever. I attended the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, Texas. After the weekend, I have learned several tips and tricks that I will be using next time I go to a convention. I’m going to be sharing them with you today to save you some time at your next bookish event!

1. Be Comfortable

Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable. I wore black jeans, a black tank top, and red converse. You’ll be standing and sitting a lot and wearing a really fancy dress and heels may not be super comfortable.

2. Respect People Around You and The Authors

DO. NOT. PUSH. I don’t care if you are missing twenty signings; please don’t push or run. It puts everyone around you on edge, and it can be a safety issue. Be mindful that authors are people too. They get nervous just like us. When you meet them, try to make polite conversation if you are able to. It also creates a more memorable experience for you.

3. Pack Necessities

Before going to a long event, I recommend you invest in a portable phone charger. Nothing is worse than seeing that you’re phone is at less than 30%. You can buy portable chargers anywhere, and they have saved my life so much! I bought mine for about $10. Some other necessities are water, sweatshirts, small snack items, etc.

4. Make Friends Before The Event

Having people to hang around during lines and panels is fantastic. Some of my blogger friends made a groupchat of many people going to the event. It helps you create friends at the event and not be lonely 🙂

5. Make Friends While You Are There

While I was in line for Julie Murphy, I started talking to a young girl and her parents behind me. I learned that this was her first time meeting an author, and she was very nervous. Feel free to start talking to people around you. If you’re alone, it never hurts to ask the people behind you to take your picture with the author.

Meet the Blogger

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Hi everyone! My name is Liv, and my personal blog is I have curly hair and I love to read (hence my blog name.)

I love writing, reading, and traveling. I also love grammar, tea, cats, and the internet. I’ve been reading YA books for about four years, and I’ve been blogging for a couple months. I live in the North Texas area with my family, my dog, and my cat.

Blog | Goodreads | Twitter

Have you guys attended any book events recently? Are you attending any soon? Thanks for reading everyone, and a MAJOR thank you to Ali for allowing me to guest post. Hope to see you guys on my blog sometime soon!


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