An Interview With Yours Truly

Blogging Extravaganza

I had been having some trouble with blogging in general, so when Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf came up with an idea of a Blogging Extravaganza, also known as Get Up Offa That Slump (you can check it out here!), I was immediately interested.

One of the post ideas for today was an interview with myself, which I thought was an amazing idea. Of course, I always have my About page, but I thought a post would be more personal and fun to write. Let’s get started!

So, hey, Ali! What’s up?

Hey! I’m doing pretty good. I’m not sick, and I’m surviving school, and I’ve finished my homework right now.

That’s always good. How old are you?

I’m 16. (17 in July!)

Do you have any siblings?

I do! I have a younger sister, who is 8.

What about pets?

I used to have a bunch of fish but apparently my family isn’t good at keeping pets alive any more than two weeks.

So tell us about your favorite things to do outside of school.

Well, I love to organize, read (of course), and study (I actually am not sure if I like doing this but I feel like all I do is read and study).

Do you have any favorite books?

Ah, of course! I love SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi, I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson, and more recently, I’ve been loving WE ARE THE ANTS by Shaun David Hutchinson. I definitely recommend checking those books out if you haven’t already!

Those sound awesome! What are some of your favorite shows?

Be prepared for a list. I’m a huge fan of sitcoms, so it’s no surprise (maybe it is) that I love Modern Family, The Middle, Parks and Recreation, and Friends! I also used to watch American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, but I’ve gotten so far behind that I’m probably just going to rewatch everything over the summer.

Ebooks or print?

Reading-wise, eBooks. Bookstagram-wise, print.

Mashed potatoes or French fries?

French fries.

Dogs or cats?

Both. You can’t make me choose.

Favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character?

Captain Jack Sparrow, of course.

Your worst habits?

Cracking my knuckles. Procrastinating. Not doing things.

Favorite food?

Garlic bread. Mac and cheese. Pizza.

One weird thing about you?

I can crack my neck sometimes.

Pet peeves?

When people don’t chew with their mouths closed. When people don’t use their turn signals and/or cut me off.

So that was pretty fun.

Yep. It was.

I’d love to have you again.

I would too! Maybe I’ll write another interview of sorts in the future.


Ali is your local book reader, bookstagrammer, and feminist. Check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads! She won’t bite. She promises.


5 thoughts on “An Interview With Yours Truly

  1. Ahah, I loved reading this post, this was so much fun 🙂 I love the books you mentioned, but didn’t read We are the ants…yet 😉 I love Modern Family, even though I saw just like one or two seasons, haha, I need to catch up! Friends is my favorite show of all times! ❤ ❤
    And ugh, yes, SO annoying when people don't use their turn signals…

    Liked by 1 person

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