Truthwitch Read-Along: Part 3

Truthwitch readalong

If you didn’t know, I’m participating in the TRUTHWITCH read-along, hosted by the Waterwitch Babes. Every Friday between the February 1st and the 29th, I’ll be posting the answers to the discussion questions that the hosts have accumulated. Let’s get started!

Week 1
Feb 1-8 // Chapters 1-9
Hosted by Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy
Character spotlight: Safiya
Week 2
Feb 9-15 // Chapters 10-19
Hosted by Olivia @ Candid Cover
Character spotlight: Iseult
Week 3
Feb 16-22 // Chapters 20-29
Hosted by Kim @ Dreaming in Libraries
Character spotlight: Merik
Week 4
Feb 23-29 // Chapters 30-End
Hosted by Carine @ Ceres Book World
Character spotlight: Aeduan
Feb 28 – Twitter Chat at 10am EST, use #TWReadalong

Discussion Questions

1. A huge part of the story takes place on the sea. Do you love the ocean? Would you like to travel with the crew on the Jana? Or do you think you’d get seasick?

I do love the ocean; it’s serene and beautiful, and I would probably love to travel with the crew. I’ve only been on a cruise once, and I didn’t get seasick, but I don’t know if I would get seasick in this situation.

2. From the boys we’ve met so far – Merik, Aeduan, Kullen, Leopold – who would you choose to be your book boyfriend? OR: From the girls we’ve met so far – Safiya, Iseult, Evrane, Ryber – who would you choose to be your book girlfriend?

I would choose either Kullen or Aeduan as my book boyfriend. I feel like Kullen’s the comic relief character, which I usually love, and Aeduan seems to be an antagonist with a nicer side underneath so I would probably be okay with either. I would also choose Iseult as my book girlfriend because she has an amazing ability and she’s strong and resilient and I love to see the character development that she’s going through.
3. Did you imagine the sea foxes as described in the book? Do you think they’ll play a greater part later in the series?

I had no idea what the sea foxes looked like, except that they probably resembled foxes to an extent. I suppose they will play a part later in the series because obviously, the characters are going to go back to sea and there’s most definitely going to be problems.
4. What is your first impression of Nubrevna?

Wow. It’s nearly a wasteland, no matter how much you try to cover it up.
“Whenever there were wrinkles, Merik had to smooth them out.” (p. 205) Do you think he succeeds in “smoothing the wrinkles out”? What do you think of his actions so far? Do you like Merik?

I think he tries his best to solve the problems set before him but he just overall seems so contradictory. He obviously harbors feelings for Safi but then acts like a complete ass to her and Iseult. I’m definitely going to have to see how his character plays out in series to figure out whether I like him.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 6.05.55 PM

Are you reading Truthwitch? How do you like it so far? Do you agree with my answers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!




6 thoughts on “Truthwitch Read-Along: Part 3

  1. A cruise sounds so amazing, although I don’t think that the Jana would be my type of ship at all! The food alone deters me completely. Kullen is a really interesting character and he really is the comic relief to the serious side of Merik. I am looking forward to learning more about him! 🙂

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  2. I’m looking forward to discovering more about Kullen and Aeduan too! I feel that they, like a good amount of the characters in this book, have more to them then what we’ve seen so far–multiple layers to peal away. I enjoyed reading your answers and am excited to see what happens next! 🙂


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