Truthwitch Read-Along: Part 1

Truthwitch readalong

If you didn’t know, I’m participating in the TRUTHWITCH read-along, hosted by the Waterwitch Babes. Every Friday between the February 1st and the 29th, I’ll be posting the answers to the discussion questions that the hosts have accumulated. Let’s get started!

Here is the schedule if any of you are interested:

Week 1
Feb 1-8 // Chapters 1-9
Hosted by Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy
Character spotlight: Safiya
Week 2
Feb 9-15 // Chapters 10-19
Hosted by Olivia @ Candid Cover
Character spotlight: Iseult
Week 3
Feb 16-22 // Chapters 20-29
Hosted by Kim @ Dreaming in Libraries
Character spotlight: Merik
Week 4
Feb 23-29 // Chapters 30-End
Hosted by Carine @ Ceres Book World
Character spotlight: Aeduan
Feb 28 – Twitter Chat at 10am EST, use #TWReadalong

Discussion Questions

1. Safi and Iseult are fantastic fighters.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to fight/take self-defense classes or have you already?  Tell us about your reasoning/experience!

Of course I want to learn how to fight! I’m honestly the weakest person ever albeit how many times I tell people to fight me. Being able to fight and defend myself is probably a really useful skill to learn/have.

2. Of these specialized witcheries revealed so far (truthwitch, threadwitch, bloodwitch, wordwitch, windwitch, voicewitch) which power would you like to have and why?

I would love to be a bloodwitch. I know that everyone in the book is basically terrified of them, but I aspire to have that reign of terror over everyone I meet (no matter how masochistic that sounds).

3. The beginning of the book already features political intrigue, Safi and Iseult trying to get away, and the mystery of cleaving.  Which plot point interests you the most so far, and why?

I’m really intrigued by cleaving. It’s a new phenomena to me, that people can just turn black and gooey, and I’m really interested to find out how the witches’ magic affects these people.

4. Share a favorite quote from the book!

“Safi hated gulls; they always shit on her head (13).”

5. Character Spotlight: Safiya

safi outcome.png

Talk about what you like or dislike about Safi.  Do you identify with her in any way?  What do you think about her actions so far?

I’m okay with Safi right now. She’s not a perfect main character, which is good realistic and I really appreciate how she has weaknesses. Like what Isuelt says about Safi, she’s impulsive and doesn’t think things through, which I suppose has benefits and consequences. She’s also a pretty good dancer which I totally respect. Safi also, of course, is super special with her Truthwitch-ness, so I’m excited to see what trouble that’s going to bring.

Are you joining in this read-along? Have you read this book yet? If so, did you enjoy it? Link me to your review or tell me in the comments about your thoughts!


21 thoughts on “Truthwitch Read-Along: Part 1

  1. Ooh bloodwitch! I think that witchery appeals to me if only for the fact it makes it hard for them to die. That’s a nice kind of security – especially if I don’t know how to fight (and I don’t haha) Thank you for participating! You’re the first discussion post up! 😀

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  2. That quote is great haha made me laugh reading it again here! I’m also intrigued about the cleaving and how that will effect everyone going forward. Also, being a bloodwitch must be awesome! I was so interested in their ability to heal themselves and track someone by their blood. I’m interested to see if they can do anything else! 🙂

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