Why I Love Reviewing Books | Discussion/Personal

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Obviously, I love reading, but I also think that reviewing books is probably the next-to-best part of reading.

I love reviewing books because it gives me a chance to truly express my emotions and opinions on a book or anything that personally connects me to a book. I truly believe it’s so important to share and spread your ideas and your thoughts because honestly, your thoughts do matter, and what you think does matter.

To add on, your reviews can possibly intrigue your readers, and what’s better than sharing your love for books? I find that so freaking amazing, that people take your opinion into account and in turn want to read the book you loved. That always makes me feel so squishy and nice inside.

Reviewing books also gives me a chance to conclude my reading experience. You know that feeling when you finish reading a book and you still have all those emotions and feels in you? It’s so gratifying to be able to express those emotions on a page/website/post and be able to, in a way, conclude your emotions. Of course, with amazingly-written books, it’s nearly impossible to smother those emotions but I suppose it can help a little bit.

And also, think about in two or three or ten years from now, you read your review from that summer when you first started blogging, and you see how much your reviews has changed and evolved, how much you have improved in writing and as a person. That’s probably going to feel pretty good (excluding the part where you cringe at your sucky-est reviews). But for the most part, I think that’s pretty cool.

Overall, your reviews matter! Your thoughts and ideas matter! Keep on blogging and reviewing and being an overall cool person. And as my history teacher says, keep on truckin’.

What do you think of reviewing books? Do you love them or hate them? Maybe a little of both? Leave your thoughts!



12 thoughts on “Why I Love Reviewing Books | Discussion/Personal

  1. I love your post! It really summarises my feelings quite well! I especially liked the part where you mentioned that the review is sort of a conclusion to your reading experience, because I feel the same. It also feels like it’s a way for me to find people to talk about the book with, because in real life there aren’t that many people who read as much as I do hahaha

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  2. I love reviewing books! For me, it’s one of my favourite things about book blogging! What you said is very true, I like to look back on the reviews I did last summer, and just think about how much I’ve changed! Especially when I reread books and have a different opinion on them! 🙂 Great post, Ali 🙂

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  3. One thing I realized with book blogging is that there’s more to reviewing than just ranting your feels for a book. I see some reviews that digest the details of a book very thoroughly and personally I’m not into reading those kinds of book reviews.

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