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A few days ago, I came across the Would You Rather Book Tag from Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to do! Let’s get started!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

I would rather read trilogies. There are so many trilogies that I haven’t gotten to, and I feel as if the development of the plot and characters over three books rather than one would be much more prominent and well-done.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I honestly don’t judge a book by the author’s gender, but I usually immensely enjoy books that are written by females, such as those by Tahereh Mafi, Marie Lu, etc.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Even though Barnes and Noble has such a great selection of books, and oh, do I love bookstores, I feel as if Amazon’s prices are lower than those of Barnes and Noble. As a poor book-lover, I’d have to go with Amazon.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

Probably TV shows. TV shows means more screen time and more development of characters, and I’m always a sucker for good characterization.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

5 books per week, of course! The only aspect that I have a problem with is that I still have to be able manage everyday, real-life things as well.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I’m quite sure that I’m not a very good novel-writer, and I love doing what I’m doing now, so I think I would rather continue being a reviewer and share my love of books with others.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Possibly a book-seller. I love the idea of having my own store, especially a book one, and sharing my love for reading that way.

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

Only my favorite genre—there are so many amazing books in the fantasy/sci-fi genre that I feel like I wouldn’t get sick of that genre ever!

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

Although I love holding a good physical book, I’m going to have to go with eBooks! They’re very convenient for me, and I can hold so many books at one time that I’m never at a loss for what to read.

Would you rather read a love at first sight romance or an intense love triangle romance?

I don’t like love at first sight romances — I honestly don’t think that’s love (more lust, really), so I’ll have to go with the intense love triangle. If it’s well-written, I’m going to be honest: I’m okay with it.

I tag you! If you’re interested in playing along, by all means, go for it! It was super fun!



14 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag

  1. Can I just say that I love how you’d rather be a reviewer! ^.^ Being a writer myself I always find it quite fascinating how there are people who would prefer to read the books than write them, but that’s great! It’s the reviewers that are very important to writers. So, thank you! ^.^

    Hey! Wait a minute! You picked two genres for favorite genre! Yeah, that’s right! I caught you! :p Though both fantasy and scifi have an exorbitant about of books. So, you’re good with either. Plus, they’re bigger genres as opposed to sub-genres.

    Wow… if I could read five books a week. 0.0 Heck! If I could finish one book a week. :p *is the slowest reader on planet Earth*

    Man! I dunno which Barnes n Noble you been going to, but mine have the WORST selection ever. Bleh! I can never find the book I’m looking for. *pouts in a corner*

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    • Thank you for writing! And you did catch me! I love both those genres so I couldn’t pick! Aw, I’m sorry your Barnes and Noble doesn’t have good books; maybe you could try some indie bookstores or Amazon! Thank you for such a funny comment; it really made my day!

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      • Hee hee! Glad I could bring a smile to your face. ^.^ I try to make all of my comments count.

        And I did recently get introduced to Half Price Books (a dangerous adventure that one). So, it’s been where I’ve been scrounging for books lately. A slightly bigger collection, so long as I can get over my OCD of not touching used books. (They kind of creep me out. 0.0)

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      • I love the feel, but most importantly the ‘look’ of new books. I have a terrible problem where I will barely open the book while reading so that I don’t break the spine. I’m super protective of them. I want them to look as pristine after I read them as they did when I bought them… *has a problem* :p

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  2. So much fun! I would do this as well 🙂 my answers are probably gonna be the same as yours, I agree about being a reviewer, a book seller, trilogies, and even Amazon (since there are NO bookstores where I live). Great tag!

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  3. This seems like such a fun tag to do! Also totally with you on the whole Barnes and Noble vs Amazon thing. I’ve recently started ordering my books from Amazon and I feel like such a traitor (I really do want to support all bookstores!!) but the books are so cheap and it’s so easy… just one click and I’m done


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