Monthly Recap: December 2015

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Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m in awe that tomorrow will be 2016! It feels like 2015 was just yesterday.

In this post, I’ll be recapping my December, as well as looking forward into January! Unfortunately, since I started this blog a few months ago and did not complete a whole year of blogging, I won’t be doing a yearly recap, but I do have a year in review, thanks to WordPress.

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  • I posted a review of Dreamology (ARC) by Lucy Keating.
  • I participated in the Top 10 of 2015 event. Check out my posts here.
  • I wrote a blog post about How to be Productive, in which I give tips to stop procrastinating.
  • I discussed my reading/blogging/personal goals for 2016 here — in which I’m also hosting a giveaway!
  • WordPress gave me my Year in Review here.

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This month’s music mix was a jumble of my normal music, plus jolly holiday music! Hope you enjoy this playlist of tracks as much as I did this month.


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  • I finally finished and turned in my marking period history research paper! I’m so glad to have that off my chest now.
  • I’m going to be participating in the Harper Collins Summer 2016 Blog Tour in March, promoting a new book (stay tuned)!
  • I’m also going to be part of the Identity Crisis Blog Tour on January 13th!
  • I participated in a Secret Santa with my friends at school, which is where I got Illuminae! I’m very excited to read it.
  • I participated in the #EOTY2015READ event on Twitter, hosted by Nori @ ReadWriteLove28.

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  • I hope to read and review a few more ARCs that I acquired from Edelweiss as well as make a dent in my TBR pile with the finished copies of books I have on my shelves.
  • I have a Science Olympiad meet on the 9th, so hopefully my team and I can actually win something this year.

How was your month/year? If you have one, link me to your monthly/yearly post!


6 thoughts on “Monthly Recap: December 2015

  1. I’m intrigued as to what the Science Olympiad is. I’m not really good at science but I love academic competitions! [They’re easier to follow than sports in my opinion]

    The only song i know on your playlist is Alleyways but I LOVE it so hard. I’ll be checking out the other tunes.

    – Nova @ Out of Time

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  2. Well as you read this, 2015 is literally yesterday LOL. I’ve never read anything by Sarah Fine but The Imposter Queen has gotten so much hype recently that I may need to consider it (to which I didn’t even know what this book was until Twitterverse started flailing about it). It definitely has all the fix-ins of what I think I’d enjoy!

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