– How to be Productive


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Productivity. I’m going to admit it: I have so much trouble with productivity. I get distracted, I get bored, I get nervous towards impending deadlines and due dates.

But through my experience in high school, that time where teachers have no mercy on your soul and give you like, 5 projects a week, I have accumulated some incredibly important habits that help me be productive throughout the school year and blogging life.



unnamed-11. Use a planner.

My first tip is this: use a planner. You don’t know how much it has saved my butt, but it’s one of the things I check all the time. I use a simple planner from Dollar Tree (I’m broke)—it focuses on each week from July of one year to July of the next. It also features monthly view so you can see what events and assignments are coming up. If you don’t like the physical planner idea, you can always use online planners, such as this, this, or this.

2. Keep on track with time.

Plan ahead! It’s incredibly important to spread out long term assignments so that you’re not overwhelmed at the last minute. Fortunately, I’ve never had to work on an assignment the night before, and I hope I never will be put into that situation.

3. Keep yourself from procrastinating.

First and foremost, I’m a procrastinator. When I have a major assignment due, I tend to write up new blog posts instead of putting my time into productive assignments. Fortunately, I came up with a method to help me keep on top of my homework. Whenever I have to finish my homework, I tell myself “If I work for an hour, I’m allowed to check social media for 15 minutes.” Of course, you can change up the time, but make sure that your break time is a lot shorter than your work time.

4. Drink water/eat food.

Being healthy and hydrated is imperative for good productivity. Your body needs energy to work, so take care of it! Although you can’t get direct results of productivity from drinking water or eating, it can help you with boosting your energy levels.


Stay productive, my friends!

Do you know any other tips that help you be productive? I’d love to know.


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