– An Open Letter to my Future Self


Dear future Alice,

Hopefully you’re still blogging in 5 years. And hopefully you’ll see this, but in case you don’t… well, there’s nothing 16-year-old Alice can do about that.

I really, really hope that you’ve gotten a legit bookshelf by now, and that you haven’t been stuffing and stacking books wherever there’s space. Because that’s a horrible way to store books.

I also hope that you’ve gotten into college and that you’re don’t have a sugar daddy who gives you money to buy books, even though I joke about that a lot and even though 16-year-old Alice lowkey sorta wants one.  But if you do, that’s also cool. Hope he spoils you with books ALL the time.

Oh, and by the time future me reads this, I hope to all the puppies in the world that you’ve read the Throne of Glass series (to everyone gasping in shock right now: in my defense, I only learned about its existence like, 4 months ago. Also I’m broke).

Overall, I’d like to say, I hope you’ve gotten to do things on your bucket list and that you’ve finally found your perfect book boyfriend match. Also, I hope you haven’t forgotten about how much you love Warner and how much you hail Tahereh Mafi.

All the love,




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