– 5 Tips to Blog During the School Year

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Undoubtedly, the school year is tough. I know. I’ve definitely been struggling trying to fit blogging in my life as well as reaching good marks on my report card. So….I’ve been thinking of ways to be able to successfully juggle both, so hopefully these 5 tips will help you out!

1. Prioritize.

It took me a long time to figure out, but please remember to put things in order of what is important first, then spend time working on things that aren’t as important. In my opinion, I think school is definitely more important than blogging, although blogging and reading is incredibly important to me personally. But it’s just priority over pleasure, I suppose.

2. Use a calendar/planner/agenda.


I love using planners. I have a physical planner every year in order to keep track of my homework, extracurriculars, etc. It’s super helpful, and I use it all the time. If you do use a planner, you have to remember to write in it all the time basically or if you’re like me, you’ll forget something. The one I have pictured above is the weekly planner I use essentially all the time, and it really helps me get on task and make sure I have everything done; I bought this at Dollar Tree, and I think it’s a very nice planner.

3. Schedule posts.

When I have time during the weekend or if I have time in general, I draft up reviews, blog posts, etc. It’s a very helpful tool to blog during the week even if you’re totally booked (get it?). I usually try to get down 2-3 posts during the weekend to post during the week, which really helps if you’re a very busy bee.

4. Take advantage of free time.

Have to wait for a ride? Bored on public transportation? Have some time on your hands? Write a blog post! Read a chapter of a book! Take this time to do something! I know that I have a problem with wasting time and procrastinating, but I like to write blog posts while I’m supposed to be doing homework. It gets something done at least!

5. Brainstorm.

When you have time, just brainstorm some blog posts: maybe some personal things, something you can post on insta, what you’re gonna wear and if you’re going to share it… there’s unlimited possibilities! You can make up any idea you want, which is pretty darn awesome, if I say so myself.


Do you agree with my tips? Do you have any more to add? What do you do to juggle blogging and real life? Let me know!


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