Monthly Recap: November 2015

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Hi everyone! Hope you had a great month so far! I’m currently supposed to be writing a research paper for my history class, but….

Anyway, it’s almost December! And you know what that means: holiday season! Probably the best time of the year minus the cold weather.

Here’s what I did this month.

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– The To-Be-Read Tag

This tag was originally created by Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books
The Rules: 
1. Answer these questions truthfully.
2. Once you’ve completed this tag, tag some other book bloggers to answer these questions next.
1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile?
I use Goodreads. (Add me!)
2. Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?
 Currently, it’s mostly TBR because I have several eARCs I have to get to.
3. A Book That’s Been On Your TBR List The Longest
Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger! When I first started my Goodreads account, I added a bunch of classics because I had read a couple of classics from school.
4. A Book You Recently Added To Your TBR
The Queen of Zombie Hearts by Gena Showalter
5. A Book In Your TBR Strictly Because of Its Beautiful Cover
I’d have to say Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember. Look at those magnificent colors!
6. A Book On Your TBR That You Never Plan on Reading
I hate to say this, but I suppose it would be any Colleen Hoover book. It’s a shame because I’ve heard that Colleen is an amazing author, but I was never a huge contemporary fan, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get to her books due to the amount of other genres of books I want to read.
7. An Unpublished Book on Your TBR That You’re Excited For
 Truthwitch by Susan Dennard! There is SO much hype to this, and although I’m not exactly part of it, I’m very excited for this title!
8. A Book On Your TBR That Basically Everyone’s Read But You
I hate to say this, but Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. There’s definitely more, but I don’t want to shame myself into bookish exile.
9. A Book On Your TBR That Everyone Recommends To You
 Throne of Glass is definitely one, but also The Darkest Minds series, as well as the Raven Cycle!
10. A Book On Your TBR That You’re Dying To Read
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, and the rest of the series as well! I’m planning on purchasing it soon!
11. How many books are on your Goodreads TBR shelf?
Currently,  a shocking 1519.
I tag:
and you!
I apologize if you’ve done this tag before, but if you haven’t, please enjoy!


– An Open Letter to my Future Self


Dear future Alice,

Hopefully you’re still blogging in 5 years. And hopefully you’ll see this, but in case you don’t… well, there’s nothing 16-year-old Alice can do about that.

I really, really hope that you’ve gotten a legit bookshelf by now, and that you haven’t been stuffing and stacking books wherever there’s space. Because that’s a horrible way to store books.

I also hope that you’ve gotten into college and that you’re don’t have a sugar daddy who gives you money to buy books, even though I joke about that a lot and even though 16-year-old Alice lowkey sorta wants one.  But if you do, that’s also cool. Hope he spoils you with books ALL the time.

Oh, and by the time future me reads this, I hope to all the puppies in the world that you’ve read the Throne of Glass series (to everyone gasping in shock right now: in my defense, I only learned about its existence like, 4 months ago. Also I’m broke).

Overall, I’d like to say, I hope you’ve gotten to do things on your bucket list and that you’ve finally found your perfect book boyfriend match. Also, I hope you haven’t forgotten about how much you love Warner and how much you hail Tahereh Mafi.

All the love,



ARC Review: Sword and Verse by Kathy McMillan


Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan

Genre: YA High Fantasy, Romance

ISBN: 0062324616
Publication: January 19th 2016 by HarperTeen
Series: n/a
Length: 378 pages
Source: ARC from publisher

Goodreads // Amazon // Book Depository

Raisa was just a child when she was sold to work as a slave in the kingdom of Qilara. Despite her young age, her father was teaching her to read and write, grooming her to take his place as a Learned One. In Qilara, the Arnathim, like Raisa, are the lowest class, and literacy is a capital offense. What’s more, only the king, prince, tutor, and tutor-in-training are allowed to learn the very highest order language, the language of the gods. So when the tutor-in-training is executed for teaching slaves this sacred language, and Raisa is selected to replace her, Raisa knows any slipup on her part could mean death.

Keeping her secret is hard enough, but the romance that’s been growing between her and Prince Mati isn’t helping matters. Then Raisa is approached by the Resistance—an underground army of slave rebels—to help liberate Arnath slaves. She wants to free her people, but that would mean aiding a war against Mati. As Raisa struggles with what to do, she discovers a secret that the Qilarites have been hiding for centuries—one that, if uncovered, could bring the kingdom to its knees.

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– Book Recommendations for November

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If you’re like me, you add everything to your TBR list. Not everything, but mostly everything. Books you see reviewed on blogs, on Goodreads, recommended to you by friends, family, etc.

When I was a non-blogger (which was not very long ago), I LOVED getting book recommendations. I would honestly add everything I saw on book instagrams onto my TBR list, which is why I have to many books to read than I can count!

I’ve seen these “If you like this book, try this one!” book recommendations, and I wanted to try it out on my own! Without further ado, here are some book recommendations for you!


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ARC Review: The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks


Genre: YA Contemporary, Survival

Publication: March 1st 2016 by Katherine Tegen Books
Series: n/a
Length: 336 pages
Source: eARC from publisher

Some people might say that Denver had a death wish. Why else would she have dared to sneak into a Malibu beach party where she’d be surrounded by enemies, namely including her ex-BFF Abigail?

Oh yeah. Croix. Denver never thought in a million years he’d ask her out, but who was she to question this miracle of fate? Well, that wasn’t the only surprise fate had in store.

During the party a tsunami hit the coast of California, wiping out everything in its path. Denver and a handful of others escaped death by holding onto the roof of the house and were swept out to sea. Of course, one of her fellow castaways was none other than Abigail, who could barely stand the sight of her.

Now that she’s floating in the ocean, stuck on a small boat with the most popular kids in school and waiting to be rescued, Denver wonders what might kill her first-dehydration, sunstroke, or the girl she used to think of as a sister?

A hilariously dark and twisted story that sparkles with a remarkably fresh voice, The Lifeboat Clique is Kathy Park’s irreverent yet insightful novel about how to survive in the most unthinkable circumstances.

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