– Monthly Recap: October 2015

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Happy Halloween, y’all! I hope you got a lot of candy or if you didn’t go trick-or-treating, I hope you had a great time looking at costumes! I had a pretty good month; I hope it stays this way!

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Unfortunately, due to the amount of work I’ve been getting since the beginning of the school year, I haven’t had much time to read and review books! I only got to read 3 books this month, but hopefully, I can figure out how to get my time management down.


The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness ★★★

World After by Susan Ee ★★★★½

The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks ★★★½ (review to come!)

3 Books Read | Favorite:

World After by Susan Ee

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American Horror Story: Hotel:  AHS is on its 5th season this year, and it’s incredible. It stars some of my favorite people, such as Lady Gaga, Finn Wittrock, and Matt Bomer. The showmakers have done a great job in the past (even though I’ve only watched Murder House and Freak Show). Nonetheless, I’m really excited to see how this season pans out.


The Middle: The Middle has been on its 7th season, and I’m eternally grateful to see more of the Heck family. The actors have such great dynamics together, and the episodes always make my day a little better. I hope this show never ends!

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How was your month?