– Book Tag: Totally Didn’t…

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Hi friends! Hope you’ve been having a splendid week so far! I’m currently reading THE REST OF US LIVE HERE by Patrick Ness!

This book tag is to discuss our opinions of what books totally did need or totally didn’t. I also wasn’t tagged for this lmao, but it looked interesting.

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I honestly would have been very content without a second book. But I don’t know exactly because I just stopped after reading the first one.

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I actually really like different points of view, so I don’t know if I can think of something for this.

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Honestly, The Princess Diaries is one of my favorite series ever, but this series has like, 3 different covers. Personally, I like the lock journal cover (not shown), but that’s just me.

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I know this is a terrible, terrible thing to say in the blogosphere, but it’s a little part of me that really likes love triangles. But they have to be well done! Don’t ask me why.

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I can’t answer this one because I personally really like cliffhangers. Especially if the book has been published a few years ago, and I have the next book ready.

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I would have loved to read about Alaska’s POV in this book.

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It really hurts me to say this, but because of the overwhelming hype of these two series, I did not fully enjoy these series (I never even finished them). And it’s really sad because I love dystopian/science-fiction. I feel like if there weren’t so many spoilers, I would have loved them a lot more.

Hope you enjoyed that! If this tag interests you, please do it! It was super fun!