– Why “Meninism” is a Joke

Recently, someone in my grade came to school wearing a “meninist” shirt. The first time I heard this, my face cringed, and I really, really, supremely wanted to punch this guy in the face. Maybe kick him in the place where it doesn’t shine. 

Anyway, thank God, one of the teachers at school saw the kid’s shirt, and the teacher totally called him out on it. Bless this teacher. I haven’t seen this kid wearing this shirt again, but if he does, I’m going to seriously bitch him out.

Now, there was a reason why I got so angry over this. If you don’t know, “meninism” branched out from a twitter account with now over a million followers (why) and basically makes fun of the feminist movement. Obviously, this is a problem in so many ways. This account, and the supporters/followers, undermines all that feminists have done for women in the past. For example, it completely erases all of the issues that are REAL and VALID, such as the wage gap, slut-shaming, and rape culture. Feminism is not a joke. Gender inequality (and more, but I’ll talk about this in another post) is a serious issue.

What makes me so upset about this fad is that all “meninism” does is make fun of feminism. It doesn’t discuss any issues that men have to go through either, such as the fragility of masculinity, self-harm, etc. It’s so ridiculous and sad that everything this account says is so incredibly misogynistic and sexist, and some people actually support this! What’s even more upsetting is that some girls also support and follow this account. This is so disrespectful of everything women have done to get the rights that we have today, such as voting and being able to learn!

If you are a “meninist” or if you honestly support their ridiculous ideology, fuck you.


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